Set of 2 Webinars on Employee Accountability
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How To Cultivate Employee Accountability

Presented by Larry Johnson

Excuses. We’ve heard them all. Wouldn’t you love to have all your employees see what needs to be done, do what needs to be done, and accept responsibility for the results? Unfortunately, such is often not the case. In this webinar, organizational culture expert Larry Johnson offers you practical strategies to raise the odds everyone on your team behaves responsibly every time.

“It’s “It’s not my fault.” “It’s not my job.” “I didn’t know.”

One of the most common complaints we hear from supervisors and managers is that people who work for them won't take responsibility for going the extra mile and doing what is necessary to get their jobs done right.

Accountability as a Goal at Work

Presented by Audrey Halpern

Whether you’re a first-time manager or a seasoned manager, holding people accountable can be frustrating and bring out the worst of emotions. Have you ever wondered how to make people accountable? Well, there's really no such thing as “making” people take ownership. But there are some things you can do that will help foster accountability and in the process make your project run smoothly and profitably.

It's up to you to make sure your team knows what they are supposed to do and that they have what they need to get the job done. This webinar gives you the tools to hold your employees accountable and create a positive workplace and help you to meet your goals. In the workplace, you might think that being accountable means you're the one who gets blamed when things go wrong. In fact, accountability is about helping people to take responsibility for their obligations.

Larry Johnson, An in-demand speaker and author, has delivered more than 2000 paid presentations for association conferences, corporations and government organization meetings, including He’s spoken for numerous SHRM chapters including Greater Phoenix, Ohio, Inland Empire, Louisiana, and Indiana. He’s also spoken for Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Larry is the co-author of the top-selling book Absolute Honesty: Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk And Rewards Integrity. He’s written for the Huffington Post and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review. He has also been interviewed on CNN. Larry has written more than 100 published articles on the topic of improving organizational culture. Larry holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Northern Arizona University and a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association.

Audrey Halpern is a soft skills training facilitator consultant with 20+ years of experience. Audrey is currently a faculty member of the American Management Association where she trains communication skills.

The bundle of course mentioned below will provide tips and tricks for how To Cultivate Employee Accountability.

The webinar format is 1-1.5 hours of audio-visual presentation, including a brief Q&A session.

This webinar bundle includes below 2 Recorded/Best Seller webinars:

How To Cultivate Employee Accountability

Accountability as a Goal at Work

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