About Us

About Us

GRC Educators creates latest and informative webinars and training sessions on governance, compliance and regulatory, suitable for individuals and corporations. These sessions are simple, interactive and cost-effective. These training sessions are beneficial for corporations in industries such as Life Science, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Hospitals, Hi-tech and Manufacturing, Trade and Logistics, Construction. Our training sessions primarily focus on risk management, quality management, documentation, corporate compliance and governance, IT and PCI compliance, HR Compliance, OSHA Compliance, EHS Green Compliance, import and export, accounting and taxation, payroll benefits and compensation. Our training sessions cover recent updates in regulatory compliance, best practices, risk management and market trends.

Learn or improve your compliance skills online. Whether you are already employed in compliance or if you are looking forward to gaining better knowledge through cost-effective e-learning, GRC Educators provides training as:

Live Webinars

GRC Educators creates and organizes a number of live webinars every month that will help attendees with global regulatory compliance challenges.

Using Webinar software participants can share audio, documents and applications with webinar attendees. This is useful when the webinar host is conducting a lecture or information session. While the presenter is speaking they can share desktop applications and documents. Today, many webinar services offer live streaming options or the ability to record your webinar and publish to YouTube and other service later.

In-Person Seminars

— GRC Educators conducts and organizes in-person seminars for global customers.

— One to one Learning under the guidance of a tutor, professor, etc, to exchange information, discuss theories, etc

— Session dedicated to one candidate

— The seminar could be based on custom topic

Recorded Webinars

GRC Educators provides to access its recorded archives too.

— A recorded Vesrion of studying under a professor with doing original research and sharing / exchanging results through reports and discussions

— Recorded Webinars Can be sent by

— Pendrive / usb drive

— CD / DVD

Over 100 training programs per month

GRC Educators strives to empower compliance professionals through effective online training sessions. Our training methodologies are tailored as per your requirements. These training sessions will add value and help you stay ahead in your career. GRC Educators services are designed to offer customized solutions. We bridge the gap between experience and knowledge thus delivering original and creative content. We hope to contribute to the creation of responsible organizations creating benchmarks in quality, integrity and transparency.

For more information on our upcoming webinars, seminars or recorded webinars contact support at grceducators.com