Managing & Minimizing Chaos in the Workplace
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Tonia Morris is CEO of Simply HR & More, LLC- an HR outsourcing firm focused on Human Resource consulting, staffing, training, and coaching. Tonia has over 20+ years’ experience in Human Resource in several industries to include, Education, Government, IT, Insurance, and Retail. Tonia has worked in all capacity of HR and enjoys using her skills to help an organization develop cultures that embrace a multi-generation workforce. To fully understand each generation, their work expectation and how to attract and retain, Tonia shares insights and tools that will help today’s workplace become more generationally inclusive and less Chaotic.

This course will provide participants an opportunity to learn how the workplace has changed and what has caused the changes. In this session, we will take a journey from how the workplace used to be to how it is today. We will uncover the different strengths of each generation and begin to see their work expectations through their lenses. We will also learn what causes chaos in the workplace, what the leader can do to manage and avoid Chaos. This session will provide best practices for participants to take away.

In today’s workplace, we have 5 generations in the workplace for the first time in our history. Many managers are challenged on how to manage 5 different generations, meet their needs while attracting and retaining a workforce that is productive. Across America, workplaces are becoming increasingly challenging and chaos. This session will take a look at today’s workplace and provide tools to Manage and Minimize Chaos in today's Workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will learn about the five generations in the workplace
  • Participants will learn how the workplace has changed and the work expected of each generation
  • Often times we talk about what we don’t have in common, participants will learn what each generation have common
  • Participants will be provided Strategizes on how to Minimize Chaos in the Workplace using the CARE Method
  • Participants will walk away with a different perspective of work together with different generations

Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Business owners
  • HR Professional at every level
  • $200.00

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