Making the Change From Staff To Supervisor to Leader: Meeting the Challenges of Your New Role
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
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Steven G. Meilleur, Ph.D. is President and CEO of PRAXIS Management Solutions, LLC, a virtual training, and consulting firm with a team of expert, and experienced associates specializing in human resources, organizational management,  risk management, strategic and operational planning, Organizational Development, and more, in the public, private for-profit, and private non-profit sectors.

He also serves as Sr. Vice-President of Risk Services – HR & Employment, for Poms & Associates, leading a team providing consulting and other support services to clients nationwide in human resources and employment matters.  With more than 40 years of experience as a working professional, among other positions he has held Dr. Meilleur has served as the HR Director for the City of Rio Rancho, NM, Director of the State Bar of NM’s Center for Legal Education, and HR Team Leader for Plains Electric G&T Cooperative. 

His experience in HR management is in the public, private for-profit, and private non-profit sectors, having served in executive and other management positions. He received his BA in English Literature and Education at Bucknell University, and his Executive MBA & Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico.
He is also a Lecturer on the faculty of the UNM graduate School of Public Administration, teaching in the areas of human resource management, leadership, organizational behavior, strategy and change, and NPO management.

Becoming a new supervisor is an exciting step in your career. But chances are, the skills that got you promoted may not fully lay the groundwork for supervisory success. There are five categories of supervisory skills to focus on in order to accelerate your success as a supervisor. They are:

  • People skills ("soft" skills)
  • Setting expectations, managing performance
  • Communication
  • People development, and
  • Technical skills

Many new supervisors focus far too much time and energy on the technical skills of their job function and business unit. After all, this expertise and background is what got them promoted in the first place. The better focus for new supervisors is on the “soft” skills related to communicating with, coaching, and developing people. Remember: you cannot be successful if the people on your team are not successful. That means you need to invest in their success.

Managers and supervisors are expected to get today’s work done through other people and to build the capacity of the team for the long-term, too. Think of your dual role as managing work and leading people. Leading people and investing in them for their success is the key to being a successful supervisor.

Areas Covered

This session will emphasize:

  • Stepping into your new supervisory role
  • A checklist for new supervisors
  • Setting boundaries with coworkers/peers
  • Communicating more effectively as a supervisor
  • Common mistakes of new supervisors
  • The distinction between a “boss” and a “leader”
  • Manage friends and former co-workers the right way

Course Level - Basic/Intermediate

Who Should Attend

HR professionals, Managers, Supervisors, Business owners, Team leaders

Topic Background

Management is not an easy job, especially when you’re new. Whereas before you only had yourself to worry about, now you’re responsible for leading a team. And this includes lots of responsibilities and expectations that you may not be prepared to deal with.

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