Leading the Next Generation: Managing Generation Z in the Workplace
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Hulya Kurt- after 32 years of working within a multinational company in different roles, ranging from middle management to senior, Hulya Kurt chose to follow her passion of becoming a coach, mentor and workshop facilitator. She motivates and empowers company management teams and their employees to move forward in their professional life.

Through using powerful questioning techniques, a strong sense of empathy and intuition, she provides impactful results with clear communication, presentations, and facilitation strategy.

Using her deep knowledge in assisting you in positioning yourself incorporates, leveraging her experience of starting from entry level to Global Senior roles.

She can do and positive perspective and she can motivate and energize people.


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As managers and leaders, it's important for us to understand this generation and how to effectively work with them. By doing so, we can not only improve our own leadership skills but also create a more productive and positive work environment for everyone. So let's explore what makes Generation Z tick!

We are going to deep dive into their generation. How and where they grew up. Normally using technology, coming, and living in multicultural environments shaped generation Z and they have a different perception of the world.

Sometimes they feel desperate, feel there is no hope, and no faith in all the bad news that is seen in social media. Therefore, having an impact on society is so important for them.

Money is not a motivator factor anymore.

The new generation needs to have a working environment where they can see self-growth, and self-realization, seeing that their ideas and contributions are heard, seen, and even implemented.

Constant communication, and giving feed-forward are key here.

Moreover, they expect to have flexible work arrangements, they don’t like micro-management and looking for a space where there is a trust relationship and collaboration.

As the leader of this generation, you will learn how to motivate, and how to provide self-growth opportunities for the new generation.

Importantly, your communication style and your own behavior are key, showing your vulnerability, being authentic and transparent and at the same time being recognized as a leader with a vision and mission and showing the impact of your organization on the community is key.

Using technology and being on the latest standards needs to be in your DNA. Always being on the latest trends and learning from the new generation, asking for their assistance, and involving them actively in finding a solution to a challenge rather you dictating what needs to be done.

Managing and leading Generation Z in the workplace requires a deep understanding of their unique characteristics and values. This generation values flexibility, work-life balance, and regular feedback. As managers and leaders, it is important to provide opportunities for growth and development, create a positive work culture, and leverage technology to improve communication and collaboration.

By embracing Generation Z in the workplace, organizations can tap into their creativity and innovation, and stay ahead of the competition. This is a new world, a fascinating workforce and we learn from them.

In this workshop, you will practice, learn, and share some strategies to be able to lead more effectively the new generation. We will explore together new ways and tap into how we can use the full potential of our new young generation.

The workshop will be interactive, combining reflection, multi-sensory elements, and some role plays, break-out rooms.

Areas Covered

  • Let’s explore Generation Z
  • Challenges of leading them
  • Effective Leadership Strategies
  • The role of technology/AI in managing Generation Z
  • How to embrace Generation Z

Who Should Attend

Leaders, Manager, C-suite level.

Why Should You Attend

You know that the young workforce has different expectations than the baby boomers and the before generation.

And yet, you don’t know how to change your style or adapt.

You have challenges with the new generation, you don’t feel that your young employees understand you completely and you cannot understand them either.

This leads to a working environment where employees feel disengaged, controlled, and not trusted.

On the contrary, if you as the leader and manager, can meet where your employees are, and have a customized communication style combined with a common consensus, if you can give them a purpose, the vision and can convey the impact in an effective way, your employees will thrive.

Well, this workshop will give you the necessary knowledge, tools, and practical tips for becoming the leader and manager that will resonate with the new Generation Z.

For that, you might need to un-learn, learn, and practice yourself, change your style, and need to be in constant learning mode.

Topic Background

The new generation is different. They need more flexibility, the why, and the purpose of working for any organization. Traditional leadership styles don’t work for them anymore. As the leader of the new talent pool, you need to be equipped to and unlearn, re-learn the new style that will resonate with the new generation.

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