Cannabis in the Workplace: Has the U.S. Gone to Pot?
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq., is the managing partner of the The Kamber Law Group, P.C., which handles employment, business and healthcare law in Pennsylvania and New York.  With more than twenty years’ experience, she provides services to companies, nonprofits, startups and C-suite employees.  Along with litigation, she provides live and remote training to clients, policy and procedure drafting, workplace investigations, contract negotiation, mediations, business creation, and advisory services.  She has been published in numerous media, including NPR’s All Things Considered and Bloomberg Businessweek.

We will discuss the growth in legalization of cannabis across the United States. We will discuss the laws, the policies, the procedures, and best practices relating to medical cannabis, recreational cannabis use, illegal use, and other drug issues in the workplace.

Areas Covered

  • The “new” cannabis on the market and how to recognize it
  • State cannabis laws
  • Antidiscrimination laws
  • Federal laws and bills on cannabis
  • The future for cannabis legalization as impacting the workplace
  • Legal vs. illegal cannabis use
  • Relevant case law
  • Drug Testing
  • Drug and alcohol policies
  • Multistate considerations
  • Workplace Procedures
  • Signs of cannabis use for remote access, and
  • Best practices and procedures for the workplace relating to cannabis.

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • All HR generalists

Why Should You Attend

While COVID has taken the foreground in our attention, the number of states and federal bills seeking legalization for marijuana in the United States are escalating. Combined with a remote workplace workforce, increasing antidiscrimination laws protecting medical cannabis use AND increasing mental health issues relating to the pandemic, cannabis use, legal and illegal, is at an all-time high. If you fail to pay attention to the growth in cannabis use in the workplace, you are missing a critical issue that may

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