Update on US Sanctions: Hot Topics and Compliance Best Practices
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Thad McBride is the head of the international trade practice at the law firm of Bass Berry & Sims. Thad supports clients in compliance matters and investigations involving economic sanctions, export and import controls, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, and other international trade laws. Thad is regularly recognized by Chambers and other ranking services as one of the most well-trusted international trade lawyers in the United States. Thad is based in Bass Berry’s Washington, DC office.

This program will cover a range of sanctions compliance topics. Beginning with an overview of US economic sanctions and embargoes rules and regulations, the panel will then cover key sanctions compliance issues. This will include topics such as conducting business with or in Russia, identifying and preventing prohibited facilitation of prohibited transactions, and strategies for conducting compliance audits and reviews. The panel will then turn to recent sanctions enforcement actions to discuss the facts of those cases and the lessons that can be derived from them. Among other settlements, the webinar will cover sanctions penalties imposed against Apple and Apollo Aviation. Finally, we will cover specific sanctions compliance best practices for preventing and detecting – and responding if necessary to – sanctions violations. Many of the best practices will be addressed during other parts of the webinar, as they will warrant a mention in the context of discussions about compliance challenges and enforcement action in particular. We hope you can join us for this timely and practical program.

Areas Covered

  • Overview of US economic sanctions
  • Recent enforcement
  • Compliance best practices

Course Level - Intermediate. While some of the programs will be relatively basic to ensure that all attendees understand fundamental sanctions concepts, most of the program will be focused on more sophisticated scenarios and guidance

Who Should Attend

General counsel and other in-house lawyers, compliance professionals, international sales and marketing personnel, internal auditors, and others

Why Should You Attend

US economic sanctions change regularly and often without much notice. It is therefore important for any international business to remain attuned to those changes, and to have a well-established compliance program in place to address the corresponding challenges. This webinar will both introduce the audience to key sanctions concepts while detailing common sanctions risk that many companies encounter. The program will also summarize recent enforcement actions and use those actions to illustrate compliance best practices that can be adopted to prevent and detect sanctions violations. Given the complexity of the US sanctions regime, there is often a misunderstanding of how the different rules and regulations should be applied. By providing practical guidance, this panel will help to clarify the key rules and provide a compliance framework that can be implemented across enterprises, regardless of size, location, or industry.

Topic Background

US economic sanctions are complicated and are rigorously enforced by the US Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

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