The Do's and Don'ts of Poster Compliance. Is Your Company in Compliance with the 2017 Poster Requirements?
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Margie Faulk, PHR, SHRM-CP is a senior level human resources professional with over 14 years of HR management and compliance experience. A former Compliance Officer for Federal Defense Contracting Industry, Margie has worked as an HR and Compliance advisor for major corporations and small businesses in the small, large, private, public and Non-profit sectors. Margie is bilingual (Spanish) fluent and Bi-cultural. Margie’s focus is on multi-state, national, state and local workplace compliance. Additionally, Margie is working on International compliance initiatives globally which include workplace compliance in other countries like the UK, Canada, France, Brazil, China, Africa, Mexico, and India, just to name a few.

Margie has created and presented seminars/webinars for many compliance institutes. These national training providers, offer compliance training to professionals, business owners and companies interested in having their company compliant with workplace and industry regulations. Margie holds professional human resources certification (PHR) from the HR Certification Institution (HRCI) and SHRM-CP certification from the Society for Human Resources Management. Margie has completed the Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional training and is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE).

Many Employers nationwide are aware they are required to have labor posters in places where their employees congregate. There are many states that have poster requiring them to include minimum wage rates, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) notices, the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations, and other Federal laws. But, did you know that not all states have the same requirements? Additionally, more states have different regulations within their own counties. It is critical for companies to have the appropriate posters for their state and industry to be compliant with the poster regulations or risk fines and penalties. Especially now that fines and penalties across most regulatory agencies have almost doubled and effective in 2017.

What many Employers are not aware of are the specific poster requirements for different populations like candidates and applicants and remote employees and/or different locations where the posters should be placed. As an external auditor for small and large companies and for different states and industries, I became more aware of how companies believe they are compliant but actually are not. When you add fines and penalties to the mix, it makes it challenging to determine the compliance of this workplace regulation.

There are some Employers who think that the labor poster regulation should be low on the priority level of risk management. Still, others are unaware of the changes, revisions, and penalties that can impact them when there is an audit from the regulatory entities. Don't get caught with posters that are outdated, non-existent or not in the right location.

A cost of under $100 could save you from fines and penalties up to $124,000 (OSHA) imposed on your company! Do you want to give away your money to the regulatory agencies? If not, let me give you the tools you need!

Learning Objectives

  • History of labor posters and why it is important
  • Learn what posters are required for state-specific and multi-state companies
  • Learn what regulations have changed since 2016
  • Learn what posters are required for new applicants
  • Learn how can you be compliant with poster regulations for remote employees
  • Identify what regulatory agencies have increased fines and penalties
  • Should you purchase posters separately or via subscription service?
  • Learn what other workplace regulations impact companies
  • How can you be a step ahead of compliance regulations?

Who Should Attend

  • All Employers
  • Business Owners
  • Company Leadership
  • Small business owners
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Compliance professional
  • HR professionals
  • Anyone responsible for facilities responsibilities
  • Anyone responsible for hiring and on-boarding
  • Anyone who has responsibilities in ensuring federal government contracts requirement
  • $200.00

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