The “How To” of Auditing Business Culture
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Dan Clark has over 30 years experience in the financial industry. 19 of that in Risk Management and Internal Audit where he established risk-based internal audit processes. He is an active speaker and contributor to industry conferences, publications, and think tanks. His book, Dare to Be Different, An Auditor’s Personal Guide to Excellence has been well received in the industry. Dan has been a CAE for international banks, regional banks and was Director of Operations for Internal Audit at GE Capital. He now is providing Audit and Risk Advisory Services to various sectors of the market place.

This webinar will follow the concept of “Culture” from its anthropological roots to sociology, business and then audit testing. Participants will learn what defines culture and why it is important. Then we will explore various ideas on what constitutes a successful corporate culture. Once we are comfortable with these concepts we will then link them to auditable tests and explain to auditors, and others, exactly how an audit of culture could be performed. We end the webinar with recommendations of what not to do thereby ensuring successful results.

Areas Covered

  • Definition of Culture
  • The social business application of Culture
  • Aspects of Successful Corporate Cultures
  • Audit Tests linked to cultural attributes

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Auditors
  • Chief Audit Executives
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • External Auditors
  • Consultants
  • Compliance Officers
  • Senior Business Management
  • Executive Business Management
Why Should You Attend

Because of the focus by regulators and stakeholders in how businesses are managed this webinar is a must. This focus has resulted in renewed attention by auditors on how to better judge the impact of culture on business practices and on risk and controls. While still in its infancy, some audit teams are starting to review and opine on business culture. If you are an auditor this webinar will provide insights on how best to understand and review a business culture. For all others attendance will help understand and prepare you for the first and subsequent audits of your business culture.

Topic Background

There is a renewed focus by internal audit, and certain business regulators, on the risks associated with organizational culture. These risks are translating into a desire for internal auditors to complete audits of culture. This is a difficult task and many auditors are not properly prepared to complete such an audit. This webinar will help even the most experienced auditor or business leader understand what organizational culture is and how an audit could be completed so that value is added to the business and to the audit team that completes such an engagement.

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