The Disruptive Practitioner: A Danger to the Hospital’s Operation
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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William Mack Copeland, MS, JD, Ph.D., LFACHE, practices health care law in Cincinnati at the firm of Copeland Law, LLC, where he is president and CEO. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Bill is a frequent author and speaker on health law topics. He is a member of the American Health Lawyers Association, American, Ohio and Cincinnati Bar Associations. A former hospital chief executive officer, he is a life fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He was awarded the American College of Health Care Executives Senior-Level Healthcare Executive Regent’s Award in 2007.

Most disciplinary policies are progressive. A progressive policy applies increasingly more severe sanctions to additional incidents of bad behavior. It is very important that the organized medical staff have a disruptive practitioner policy. This webinar will discuss the development of such a policy, including what it should include, and how it should be implemented. The course will also provide a detailed plan on how to deal with the disruptive practitioner.

Disruptive activity by practitioners in the hospital takes many forms. When it happens, it is important that the hospital and/or the medical staff take appropriate steps to see that it does not affect patient care or disrupt operations.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to deal effectively with the disruptive practitioner
  • Learn how to prepare for the day when it becomes necessary to terminate such a practitioner’s privileges and medical staff membership
  • Learn how to develop provisions in the medical staff bylaws to deal with the disruptive practitioner
  • Learn how to develop a clear and concise policy regarding disruptive behavior

Who Should Attend

  • Hospital Executives
  • Medical Staff Officers
  • Physicians who serve on peer review committees
  • Medical Staff Support Staff
  • $200.00

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