The Danger of Not Aligning Strategy, Business Objectives and Your Culture With an Embedded Governance Framework
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Robert L Ford MA, FCG, MIoD, TEP, FCS

A highly experienced international governance and leadership practitioner, across different industries and geographical locations. Robert has trained diplomats, commissioners, directors and company secretaries of listed/unlisted companies, state-owned enterprises, and family businesses. Robert has practical commercial knowledge and experience which is built on corporate governance, risk management, and a business excellence foundation to work towards maximizing profits with integrity and sustainability. Trained throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, and the UK.

Robert is a leadership, corporate governance, and corporate culture expert and has worked with many of the leading international accounting, law and consulting firms. He has lived and worked in the Middle East since early 2009 and has provided advisory, consulting and training to boards, senior executives and management teams in the region and internationally. Before coming to Dubai Robert was the Managing Director and acting anti-money laundering officer for Citco London, part of the Citco Group of Companies which provides corporate and trust, fiduciary services, administration of hedge funds and fund of fund services.

He is an experienced company director (in UK and UAE), a governance advisor and a company secretary. He has advised and worked with the boards of international companies and a multi-billion-dollar government entity (part of Dubai Holding). He leads training and workshop facilitation on numerous topics (Transformation – Change Management, Corporate Governance, Diversity and Culture, Leadership and Strategic Excellence, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, Board Effectiveness, and Operational Excellence). Robert has chaired numerous local and international conferences and is often asked to act as a keynote speaker, panel moderator, and workshop facilitator.

Robert is a lead trainer and is a tuition partner of The Chartered Governance Institute for ICSA courses. He partnered with Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance to design tuition materials and provide training for the first ICSA Foundation Programme in the region. Robert is a lead committee member for ICSA MENA formed through MoU with Hawkamah and ICSA in 2018.

Why is it that corporate culture differs so much from organisation to organisation? Look at your market sector and your closest competitors, do they have a similar strategy and corporate culture? What sets you apart from your competitors and how quickly can your organisation make changes to its business objectives, overall strategy, and aspects of culture? During this webinar we will consider some of the risks organisations overlook and how they come back to haunt them later.

Building exceptional organisations on a foundation of good governance

When an organisation gets its model balanced correctly then 1+1 = 5and they get more ‘bang for your buck’.How engaged are your employees and what level of customer satisfaction does your organisation have? When was the last time these were measured and what steps were taken to improve? Have you made progress? We will consider the risk of disengaged employees and dissatisfied customers and how there is a correlation.  

Having a sustainable business model

A commercial organisation is only successful if it remains in business and makes sustained profits and grows. Investors don’t want to invest in businesses that have falling profits and negative cashflows.

Will your organisation be a disruptor or one of the disrupted?

The business environment has changed so rapidly over the last three years due to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation. More recently, we have seen the impact that the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is having on businesses large and small. How did your organisation handle the aftermath of the initial wave? Many businesses opted for a work from home strategy, this has worked well for some industries, but others have been massively impacted. We have seen corporate failures and many organisations are likely to default on their corporate loans. We will consider some mitigations and look at the possible outcomes that are likely given the current situation.

So, what if culture eats strategy for breakfast, does anyone care?

We will consider the intrinsic link between culture, strategy, and the right business objectives and how an embedded governance framework can provide a solid foundation for sustainable success.

Transformation and change management should be part of your strategy, but is it?

Change is one thing we can’t stop. If a change will happen regardless of what we do, then why should we have a change management strategy? We will consider the survival of the fittest and survival of the smartest. The transformational change should be part of every successful organization’s strategy. Planning and implementing change effectively and what are the risks of getting the change management strategy wrong?

Can we really evolve into something new, and if so, how long will it take?

By the end of this webinar you will have an overview of the importance of risks and opportunities associated with strategy, corporate culture, and business objectives and how a robust corporate governance framework can set you apart from your competitors.

Areas Covered

  • Is governance strategic and why is an embedded corporate governance framework important?
  • The importance of strategic thinking and governance for short, medium, and long-term sustainable success
  • Preparing for disruption – can we stay ahead of our competitors?
  • So, what if culture eats strategy for breakfast!?
  • Business transformation and change management – 1+1 = 5. Do we have our finger on the pulse?

Course Level - Advanced and Intermediate

Who Should Attend

Board of directors, chief risk officer, chief compliance officer, chief governance officer, governance managers, company secretaries, compliance officers, senior executives, and their teams. Chief human resources officer and their team.

Why Should You Attend

Is your corporate culture toxic? I’m sure almost all board directors and senior executives would say unequivocally ‘no, we have a great culture’.
When it comes to exceptional business excellence; an organisation should consider whether its strategy, business objectives, and corporate are aligned fully with its corporate governance framework. Not from reports and updates but through a deep-dive and collection of data from different sources. Getting a holistic view of the truth help in making a decision on actions required.

You might ask ‘what do we mean when we mention the governance framework and how is this a strategic tool?’. This webinar will explain how to develop your governance framework and align it with your corporate culture and strategy. I like to say that 1+1 = 5. You may think this is crazy but when organisations get it right, they really do punch above their weight class, or in other words, you get more ‘bang for your buck’. Peter Drucker explains what culture eats for breakfast, but I take this a little further in my webinar. Want to know more, then join me in August for this webinar on ‘The danger of not aligning strategy, business objectives and your culture with an embedded governance framework’.

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