Stay Safe and Secure by Building Error-proof Spreadsheets
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
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Melissa Esquibel began her career in audit and data security at a time when systems and hardware were kept in tightly secured boxes, and IT gatekeepers doled out functionality within a rigid systems architecture. Now, in the present, where end-users know how to access the power of technology independently and according to the agile timelines they require, this push and pull has created quite a mess in many organizations. With her unique experience as the conduit between the gatekeepers and the gate Stormers, she offers a unique perspective as “bridge-builder” in training programs designed to make sense of new productivity platforms, like Office 365 and G Suite and ensure effective implementations.

The worst error you can get in Excel is the wrong information. In this session, you’ll first learn what can go wrong in your Excel workbooks that might deliver inaccurate information and how to prevent it. You’ll discover ways to build integrity checks to make sure your data stays reliable. We’ll cover the pros and cons of each protective measure, enabling you to make the right decision for your workbooks. From functions and formulas to tricks to clean up dirty data and detect duplicates, you’ll pack your toolbox full of useful techniques and strategies to make sure you get it right.

Does your organization rely upon spreadsheet data for decision support? Are there key workbooks in our organization that if they didn’t work would cause havoc? Are you sure those spreadsheets are right? “I absolutely hate Excel,” said one executive last year. Why? Because, in many cases, the data cannot be relied upon. What can you do?

Areas Covered  

  • When Excel goes wrong and doesn’t tell you
  • How to build in “warning lights” with conditional formatting
  • Using worksheet and workbook level protection
  •   How Power Query can help you protect your data sources 
  • Text, time, and date functions to turn what you get into what you need 
  • Building in texts and cross-checks to ensure your data stays right

Who Should Attend

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Owners
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Administrative Professionals
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Analysis

Why Should You Attend

If your spreadsheets and workbooks are relied upon to make critical business decisions in your organization, you don’t want to get it wrong! But with all the copying and pasting and complicated formulas, how can you be sure you’ve got it right? And, once you do have it right, how can you keep it that way! There are many techniques that can be used in Excel to set yourself up for success with data integrity and protect important data from improper disclosure and modification.

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