Schedule Acceleration: The Time-Cost Trade-off
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
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Saleh Mubarak, Ph.D.

  • Construction project management professional, professor, consultant, author, public speaker, and trainer
  • Ph.D. in civil engineering from Clemson University, USA, specialized in Construction Project Management
  • Experience: 30+years, diversified:
    • Industrial: private and public sectors, in the U.S. and internationally. Positions occupied include project engineer/manager, cost estimator, planner/scheduler, project controls manager, cost manager, training manager
    • Academic: faculty member/professor, head of a department
  • Extensive experience in continuing education and professional training around the world. Topics are mainly planning & scheduling cost estimating, project controls. Topics also include soft skills and their integration with project management.
  • Author of:
    • Construction Project Scheduling and Control (currently 3rd edition, 4th edition is coming soon)
    • How to Estimate with Means Data: Basic Skills for Building Construction (currently 4th edition, 5th edition is coming soon)
    • Many articles; technical and other
  • Many presentations in professional conferences such as PMI, AACE International. The public speaker in many local, regional, and international events
  • An authority on project planning, scheduling, and project control
  • An advocate of holistic healthy living

This webinar discusses the concept of construction project schedule acceleration: What, why, and how. It discusses the topic from both the owner's and the contractor’s perspectives. It shows how cost, both direct and indirect, reacts to schedule acceleration, and thus the time-cost trade-off. It discusses steps for shortening the duration of the construction project, using the concept of the critical path method, step by step. The seminar includes many important hints, whether the objective of the contractor is to minimize cost, complete the project on a specific date, or crash the project to the minimum duration. Most importantly, it proves through a simple numerical example that this process is scientific, and it is not random dumping of extra resources.

Areas Covered

  • The concept of construction project schedule acceleration
  • Why do owners demand schedule acceleration and why do contractors accelerate projects?
  • Accelerating a construction project using a simple example on an Excel sheet
  • Hints for accelerating a construction project using computers
  • Hints and tips for the process of accelerating construction projects
  • Allowing the contractor to make an informed decision on what project duration is optimum for every case, and how can you achieve it

Course Level - Intermediate. A basic understanding of scheduling concepts and the Critical Path Method is helpful.

Who Should Attend

Architects, engineers (of all disciplines), contractors, subcontractors, project managers, schedulers, cost estimators, project management team members, owners.

Why Should You Attend

This seminar will go over basic concepts and steps in the process of accelerating the construction project. The seminar will demystify many ideas and debunk some myths. It will give hints for optimizing cost and time, according to the need of the project parties. It shows that this process is scientific but simple. It will help the contractor save time and money and avoid inefficiencies.

Topic Background

Construction project schedule acceleration is an extremely important topic. Owners always demand contractors to “finish is faster”. Contractors also in many cases have incentives to accelerate projects. However, many people don’t understand the intrinsic relationship between time and money. Understanding this time-cost trade-off is essential to making decisions regarding the acceleration of the project.

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