Laser-Focused Selling
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André Taylor advises top brands around the world, on being the best, and has done so, for more than two decades. As a founder of Taylor Insight Worldwide, André shares thought-provoking, high-impact ideas on a business distinction, preferred client development, and growth, and has garnered a stellar reputation among premier, luxury, and bespoke brands. His Luxury Lifestyle Advisor certification program, attracts entrepreneurs, executives, and sales and marketing professionals in the luxury sector, around the globe.

André has authored a half-dozen books, a long list of audiobooks, videos, e-learning programs, articles, and blog posts. He’s a media personality, often appearing as a guest expert on television, radio, and podcasts. André began his management career on Wall Street, in financial services, and moved into media and information technology before founding his own companies. A pioneer in digital media, he founded the first company to stream video, and deliver custom and personalized digital content to premium clients, in high-tech sports arenas.

Laser-focused selling is about becoming smarter in your targeting and in the steps in the sales cycle, so you get better results. Many sales professionals and entrepreneurs look at the landscape of prospects far more broadly than they should, seeing everyone as a prospect. In doing so, they weaken their ability to focus on their very best prospects. There’s nothing like landing clients who are an ideal fit for your business, yet many sales professionals and entrepreneurs have trouble discerning when a prospect is not a good fit. This can lead to many problems down the road. There are a variety of factors that can signal whether you are engaged with a prospect with great potential whether you are making poor use of valuable selling time. During this session you’ll learn about specific factors you must understand and weigh to make your sales efforts as effective as they can be, no matter what product or service you sell.

The 10 questions you must ask yourself before focusing on a sales target.

Areas Covered

  • How to properly set the stage for a productive sales process
  • How to identify how your prospect thinks right away, and understand how this might impact the sales cycle
  • How to introduce questions early in the sales process that can help your prospect get focused in a way that will lead to better closing percentages
  • How to use follow-up to not only build rapport but speed the sale
  • How to talk about sensitive topics like money and contract terms

Course Level - Intermediate

Why Should You Attend

In sales, wasting time with the wrong prospect can be fatal, especially when you must reach certain revenue targets to grow as a business. However, most sales professionals will tell you they’ve spent days, weeks, and sometimes months on a target only to find it was a poor use of their time. Either the deal did not close, the revenue or profit on the sale did not justify the effort, or the client turned out to be problematic. To get better results and use your time wisely you must become savvy at identifying and focusing on the best sales targets. During this session, André Taylor, author, and advisor to top brands around the world shares the strategies he teaches sales leaders enabling top-tier sales results.

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