International Asset Recovery
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L. Burke Files DDP CACM, President, Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc. Mr. Files is an international financial investigator who has run cases in over 130 countries and has visited over 100 countries over the last three decades. Mr. Files has tackled investigations running from a few hundred thousand dollars to over 20 billion. Along the way, he became familiar with the knowledge of what people need to do, for due diligence, preventing corruption, and to avoid helping criminals. launder money. Digging through the innermost portion of the cases he found profound themes that seem to repeat again and again. He brings this experience of hands-on investigating and problem-solving experience to his presentations on Due Diligence, AML, and Anti-Corruption.

Prior to Mr. Files founding FE&E, Inc. he served as the Director of Corporate Finance for an American National Investment Bank focused on small firm venture capital. Mr. Files was also employed by Oppenheimer/Rouse as a commodities specialist trading customer accounts in Agri-Business and 24-hour gold, silver, and foreign currency trading.

Mr. Files has authored six books, white papers, and has been quoted in major publications including The Guardian, The Financial Times, Forbes, US Newsweek and more. He is the author of the award-winning book Due Diligence For The Financial Professional 2nd Edition. Burke is active in several civic organizations. In the past, Mr. Files has served as a member of the Arizona Governor’s Board on Solid Waste Management, as an advisor to the Governor’s Board on Economic Planning and Development. He is the current Director for the non-profit Tempe Sister Cities, Inc. Mr. Files has also received a Commission and a Medal of Merit from the President of the United States.

Any fraud or debt collection over a few million dollars will have international components. The fraudster/debtors use the ease of moving to different countries to create distance resistance. The money they have taken is much more resistant to your efforts to collect the money. There is a number of tactics employed by the fraudsters to frustrate and impede any collection. What is needed is a well-honed and crated strategy combining investigations, forensic accounting, digital experts and skilled layers to get the information. International asset recovery is very different from mere debt collection. It is both complex and complicated with what often seems and an endless string of obstacles. We will use case studies from our history and help illuminate the obstacles and how to overcome those obstacles for a successful recovery.

Areas Covered

  • Establish the nature of a debt
  • Establish an inventory of agreements and jurisdictions
  • Estimate assets in the hands of fraudster/debtor and locations
  • Establish electronics trails, emails, phones, travel records, social media
  • Identify key supports who aided in the fraud
  • Identify Assets
  • Jurisdiction Shop
  • File, ferret, and freeze assets
  • Co-defendants
  • Domestication of claims in other jurisdictions

Course Level - Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • Law Firms Accounting firms
  • Law Schools
  • Receivers
  • Hedge Fund Managers

Why Should You Attend

The old way old way suing and getting a judgment does not work anymore. By the time you get the judgment the money is long gone. What is needed is the new paradigm of investigation, asset freeze order and then litigation. Also not all judgments are the same. You have to win a judgment that can be domesticated in many different courts. To get that you may have to jurisdiction shop. Also this is expensive work and now a few firm’s are willing to invest in the litigation in the well documented cases.

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