6-Levels of Leadership
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30 years in Lean Management and Manufacturing with 20 years of it with Toyota, Toyota partners, and suppliers/subsidiaries both in the U.S. and in Japan.

Have successfully implemented 300+ Lean projects on the shop-floor (Gemba), including How to achieve Zero Defect for 13-consecutive months in a fast-paced factory wherein every 53-seconds a vehicle would be completed and delivered to the dealer.

We must first come up with a conclusive, simple and easy to understand definition for Leadership. One good definition that I like is this: “Leadership is the ability to entice others to want to follow you!”

Followers have to want to follow their leaders, which means leading by fear, intimidation, formal power, coercive power, or even reward power are not indicative of Leadership. True leaders are to use legitimate, expert or referent power only. Legitimate power is based on the formal authority that the person has based on his responsibilities within the organization. He/she should immediately gain the competence, knowledge, and experience so he can quickly gain Expert power. After this, if the person is likable and followable, he/she can equip himself/herself with referent power. It is only then when the person, has the authority, possess the necessary expertise and competence and is also approachable and likable, can be in a position that people would want to follow him/her.

Areas Covered

A few definitions of Leadership

  • Positional leadership
  • Transactional leadership
  • Transitional leadership
  • Attractional leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Servant leadership

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

C-level executives, managers, Frontline supervisors, and engineers who are regularly in contact with people

Why Should You Attend

Leadership is talking about a lot but often in a very mystified way. Very seldom I see that leadership has been dissected into bitesize, digest-able and easy to understand. As a result, it still remains as a series of characteristics and mannerisms that those who possess them are born with them and those who don’t, have no prayers! This Webinar will attempt to demystify leadership and its 6 different levels so you can achieve it in a systematic (step-by-step, logical and organized) way!

Topic Background     

Leadership is a very important but vague subject matter. Management has been broken down into smaller easy-to-digest pieces but the same thing hasn’t happened to leadership. It is important to provide an instruction manual for leaders and leaders-to-be.

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