Fraud In Banking
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Justin Muscolino brings over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in compliance, training, and regulation in the financial services sector. Most recently, he served as Head of Compliance Training at Bank of China where he led the compliance training function and created and monitored the annual training plan through a thorough training needs analysis. Previously he served as Macquarie Group’s Head of Americas Compliance Training and JPMorgan Chase’s Compliance Training Manager. Justin also worked for FINRA, a US regulator, where he created Examiner University to train examiners on how to perform their function.

Management has a responsibility to be familiar with and alert to the types of fraud that might occur in their area and to put in place effective controls to avoid such occurrences. Management should also  provide support to and work with the Internal Audit Division, other areas in a financial institution by reporting and investigation of dishonest or fraudulent activity, including the prosecution of offenders. During this webinar, we will go through all responsibilities.

Areas Covered

  • Overview and Background
  • Preventing Fraud
  • Types of Fraud
  • Regulatory implications

Course Level - All

Who Should Attend   

Anyone in corporate.

Why Should You Attend

Fraud is and will always be prevalent in every industry, but it is a tad different with banking. We need to understand what fraud is, the types of fraud that's committed and how to prevent it from happening. We will all of this and more during our webinar on Fraud. Please join me in an exciting session

Topic Background

Bank fraud is a criminal act that occurs when a person uses illegal means to receive money or assets from a bank or other financial institution. Bank fraud is distinguished from bank robbery by the fact that the perpetrator keeps the crime secret, in the hope that no one notices until he has gotten away. The term bank fraud also refers to attempts by a person to obtain money from a bank’s depositors by falsely pretending to be a bank or financial institution.

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