Attitude is Everything
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Audrey Halpern is a soft skills training facilitator consultant with 20+ years of experience. Audrey’s is currently a faculty member of American Management Association, where she trains communication skills.

It can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude when dealing with stressful situations and pressing deadlines, but choosing to do so can play a big role in career success and stress reduction.

Attitude, whether it is positive or negative, can be contagious. A positive one motivates others, reduces stress, increases quality and productivity, creates teamwork and encourages creative thinking.

Your team members have more potential to accomplish its goals, develop resiliency and improve psychological prosperity when they work in a positive environment. This webinar will help you with tips and techniques to take an active role in creating a positive atmosphere within your workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine whether you are a positive or negative thinker
  • Understanding the causes of a negative attitude
  • Why a positive attitude has an impact on success
  • How to stop negative self talk - using affirmations
  • Attitudes and your tone of voice
  • How your attitude affects others
  • How to manage the attitudes of people you work and interact with
  • How to handle a negative person or situation in a positive way

Who Should Attend

  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • $200.00

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