Employee Classification - Exempt or Non-exempt
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Lisa Smith has been a speaker, seminar trainer, business owner, and HR Professional for over 25 years. She owns and operates HelpDeskSuites.com which provides tools, training, and support to thousands of employers and HR Professionals across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

Lisa and her family live in the Texas Panhandle and operate Andere Foundation which provides online training programs to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault free-of-charge.

Lisa is a published author and has 9 books available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. Her topics cover management, supervision, and self-improvement.

The misclassification of employees has been a hot topic with the IRS and the Wage and Hour Department (DOL) for years. Efforts to identify and audit employers who deny proper minimum wage and overtime protections due to the misclassification of workers as minimum wage and overtime exempt have been greatly increased. The Questionable Employment Tax Practices Initiative (QETP) is a little-known program that can trigger multiple audits to one employer - simultaneously. The IRS and the Department of Labor have made their positions very clear that employers who do not pay employees all wages due risk heavy fines and penalties.

  • Understand and Use the standard tests for each exemption category
  • Identify when a worker must be considered non-exempt
  • Explain how to create a job description that defines the exempt classification
  • Understand the reality of simultaneous audits and investigations under the QETP
  • Realize case law examples of major organizations that paid out millions of dollars for misclassification errors involving assistant managers
  • Identify when you may or may not deduct an exempt worker’s pay
  • Realize solid reasons to begin tracking your exempt employee’s work time

Learning Objectives

  • If your business receives a visit from an auditor or investigator will your classification process pass the test?
  • Do you know which tests apply to your overtime-exempt positions?
  • If you determine an employee has been misclassified, what next?
  • This webinar will help you answer these questions and many others

Who Should Attend

Employers, HR Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Payroll and Accounting Managers, Payroll processing professionals.

  • $200.00

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