Assertive Communication for Introverts - Speak up! How to be Heard at Work
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Audrey Halpern is a soft skills training facilitator consultant with 20+ years of experience. Audrey is currently a faculty member of the American Management Association.

The ultimate definition of assertiveness is being able to express your thoughts and feelings clearly while being considerate of the other person’s needs. Many introverts have great difficulty articulating their needs and desires because they aren’t clear on what they are. In order to be heard over the noise, you have to first trust in the fact that you have something valuable to contribute to the conversation. Deep down all of us just want to feel heard and understood. This webinar will provide you with the techniques to be more assertive in communication and the tips for getting your ideas or opinions heard.

Areas Covered

  • Build rapport and relationships at work
  • How to gain respect at work if you are in introvert
  • Come prepared to speak up
  • How to build on another person’s point- offer a solution
  • How to paraphrase correctly
  • How to frame your idea in business results
  • Communication tips- vocal, language, emphasis, clear and concise
  • How to exude confidence - body language
  • Ask questions effectively and intelligently
  • How to be respectful when disagreeing

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend

All Levels - Mid Managers, Supervisors

Why Should You Attend

Does this happen to you? Managers are competing with each other for power and respect, and meetings are just another venue for them to jockey for position. Unfortunately, one of the ways they show they have clout is to interrupt others. And the more junior you are and the less clout you have, so the more senior people feel they can interrupt you without fear of reprisal.

Don’t you hate that, when you get interrupted in meetings? Or when people talk over you and your point gets lost? It can be frustrating when you’re trying hard to get your point across but you keep getting ignored or even worse someone else gets the credit for your ideas. Who’s at fault?

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