Putting a Lid on Toxic Relationships
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi queen™ because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams into something quite wonderful. Her work is like Kintsugi, the Japanese art form that mends broken pottery with gold. Yoke works with teams that may have become disjointed, to reconnect and -find their flow again. This approach helps leaders stay optimistic when they encounter flaws and missteps in their organizations leading them to the gold at the 'end of the rainbow.’ As a qualified behavioral change coach with veri-fiable in-the-eld experience (2000+ team members, 2 300+ hours training, and 350+ coaching hours) she’s eminently suited to uncover the real issues holding teams back. Her hard-won experience (15 years) and tried and tested high-performance processes have seen even the most under-performing and fractured teams join together and become stronger and more remarkable.

She works with leaders who want to effectively articulate and communicate their vision so that their teams buy into it and are prepared to follow them to hell and back to make sure that vision is achieved, as well as new, untested leaders who need a strong foundational roadmap of how to work with and lead teams to successful outcomes.

Her advisory, speaking, and coaching work empowers leaders and teams to create meaningful workspaces by tapping into their purpose and enhancing human connection. She empowers leaders and teams with confidence and influence, to find their flow and develop a growth mindset. The specific areas she focuses on are Leadership development, Culture, Emotional intelligence, Time-management, Negotiation, Communication, and Presentation skills.

Her clients have been as diverse as sales executives, business leaders and owners, customer service agents, marketers, lawyers, engineers, and accountants. The industries she has covered range from automotive, retail, manufacturing, and engineering to advertising, publishing, legal, and academic. She is the founder of Y-Connect and a Professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA).
Her Emotional Intelligence program, and Women in Leadership for Executives have been offered in Canada, Dubai, Egypt, South Africa and is scheduled for Malaysia.

Does business have to be a dog-eat-dog world?  Where the person who shouts the loudest wins, and we have winners and losers? Opposing forces ready to attack?

Toxic cultures are everywhere, and your business might not look like a war zone, but toxic behaviour like gossip, criticism, contempt, and defensiveness can break the morale, flow, and productivity of your team while leading to resignations.

In this webinar, Yoke van Dam explores what dysfunctional relationships we have at work, and how we tend to move into roles of playing the victim, being the predator of the shark, or acting as the rescuer. When we access those roles, teams become distrustful, and this leads to a breakdown of communication, morale, and teamwork.

Yoke van Dam encourages her audience to step out of the dysfunctional drama triangle and to find ways of building healthy, meaningful connections at work.

Promised outcomes:

  • The audience will walk away with real-world case studies, implementable ideas, and strategies
  • They will be convicted on their core behaviour and inspired to shift their mindset, take action, and to influence
  • This talk should act as a catalyst to change through optimizing NLP techniques, storytelling, and humour

Areas Covered

  • Steve Karpmin’s Drama triangle
  • Co-dependence and the lies we’ve been told
  • Dysfunctional relationships at work
  • What causes teams to break up - Dr John Gottman
  • Becoming assertive, setting healthy boundaries while having clear communication

Learning Objectives

  • You will identify what co-dependent roles you naturally take on and find a healthier alternative
  • You will learn how to be more assertive
  • You will be able to set healthy boundaries
  • You will consider your relationships at work and move away from toxic behaviour
  • By being aware of your state you can choose to take on a positive working role, that has a win-win for all parties concerned
  • You will be able to stand up for yourself, while still treating the other party with respect

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

Managers, directors, sales executives, IT managers, IT support, Customer service, Social media, Marketing, Human resources.

Why Should You Attend

  • Do you struggle to say no and set healthy boundaries?
  • Do you notice teams walking over each other and acting in a toxic manner?
  • Do you want healthy, meaningful relationships with your clients and your internal teams?
  • Are you often rescuing your team, and sit with a sense of resentment because you are doing everyone else’s job?
  • Do the teams treat you without respect when you work with them internally?
  • Do you often find yourself in the middle of someone else’s argument and picking up the pieces after a clash between departments?

Topic Background

When Yoke van Dam was working in the corporate environment, she often saw different departments fighting with each other which was either apparent or hidden through resentment and toxic behavior.

This talk was developed to help various departments understand what co-dependent roles they take on and to start working together towards a win-win, rather than against each other.

This talk has been offered to various industries including medical aid, pharmaceutical, construction, water treatment, legal, and across departments.

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