Managing Team Workflow with Microsoft Outlook
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Karla Brandau is a leading authority using Microsoft Outlook to be more productive and efficient. For over twenty years she has taught her innovative methods in top corporations such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America. Over 85% of the organizations who hire her, invite her back for repeat engagements.

She has written 101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals and Wake Up the Winner Inside. Time Management and Microsoft Outlook is a niche market for her.

She has a degree in education and is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by National Speakers Association.

No doubt you and your team are proficient at using Microsoft Outlook for email and meetings, but did you know you and your team are leaving about 85% of the power of Microsoft Outlook unused.

Outlook is a powerful program that can simulate a programming language if you know how to use it. This webinar helps individuals customize Outlook for their personality and their job. It helps you manage those who report to you efficiently and effectively. Once you learn the techniques taught in this webinar, you will know how to keep your team on top of their assignments.

Areas Covered

This webinar helps managers, supervisors, and team leads launch, track, and manage assignments and projects with crystal clear deadlines and built-in checkpoints. It provides the tools you need to improve workplace results, enabling your team to reduce wasted time and increase daily output.

You will learn the secrets of how to:   

  • Use expanded Microsoft Outlook Calendar features
  • Use the tasks folder to organize complex work requests
  • Record and remember all assignments and deadlines
  • Prioritize delegated tasks and projects
  • Identify the differences between the To-Do List, Tasks, and the To-Do Bar
  • Create new folders for a plethora of projects
  • Customize column headings in Task folders enabling the user to view project-relevant information
  • Take advantage of the Assign Tasks feature
  • Use Inbox features to help classify and sort task and project communications
  • Set up Quick Steps to speed up communication
  • Use the Rules Wizard to automatically route emails to appropriate folders

Who Should Attend    

Managers at all levels of the organization including:

  • Team Leads
  • Supervisors
  • Vice Presidents
  • Presidents
  • Directors
  • Chief People Officers
  • Engagement Officers
  • Operations Officers
  • Human Resource Officers

Why Should You Attend

We live in a chaotic and unpredictable marketplace where change is constant. Teams of professionals in organizations are pushed harder and harder to increase productivity and results. Does this describe your workplace?

Undoubtedly you are a skilled manager yet is an efficient and effective team eluding you? Perhaps you can relate to this quote from management guru Tom Peters, “How does a project get to be a year late? One day at a time”.

Getting team members on the same wavelength, channeling their energy, and keeping them on track to finish on time often takes meticulous planning and execution on the part of managers, supervisors, and team leads. In the planning and execution phases of daily productivity and ultimately, the completion of assigned tasks and projects, Microsoft Outlook is a valid and valuable tool. Sign up for this webinar and learn how to use Microsoft Outlook as a project management tool.

Topic Background    

Microsoft Outlook is an amazing program to bring order to your personal and professional life, especially when managing a team. However, frequently individuals spin their wheels trying to learn the time management benefits of managing a team with Outlook features. This webinar provides the link between features and benefits.

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