Fail To Plan = Plan To Fail
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For over 20 years, Judy Ryan has been CEO of LifeWork Systems and a recognized thought leader on workplace culture transformation that impacts engagement and performance for exceptional outcomes. She is an award-winning Author, Columnist, System Developer, Consultant, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and is frequently interviewed on TV, radio, and podcasts. Since 2002, Judy has been leading innovative methods to favorably impact the most important aspect of any organization: its people. She has created a digital, scalable culture transformation system and implementation framework. Judy’s purpose is to create a world in which all people love their lives. One of her primary visions is to fulfill her purpose in partnership with like-minded, like-hearted, and innovative thought leaders and change agents worldwide.

For many, creating life and work based on meaningful purpose and values is an abstract concept. They don’t realize these come first and then are followed by defined visions before jumping in to act. Most business owners, community leaders, educators, families, and individuals feel more comfortable setting tangible goals and getting down to doing things rather than thinking strategically about the “why” and meaningfulness for life and work in which one engages. They are often unsure how to do go about this and what type of reflection and planning is needed to ensure the right work gets done in the short and long-term, and that it gets done right. This webinar is focused on a tool that supports a powerful way to create consciously from what is most meaningful, aligned with how to behave, and that leads to laser focus, clear communication, and self-motivation.

Participants learn to address strategic planning and decision-making in their personal or professional lives by considering everything through a blueprint process in which all choices are designed with purpose, values, and visions, and then goals, procedures, and roles follow so alignment occurs that inspires ownership and brings about desired results.

Areas Covered

  • What is a Blueprint?
  • Benefits of Creating a Blueprint
  • The Role of Purpose and Values in Motivating Excellence
  • Connection Between Blueprints and Social Interest and Accountability
  • Leveraging a Blueprint Process for Communication and Collaboration
  • Blueprints as a Change Process in Workplaces, Homes, and Society
  • Blueprint Terms and Components
  • Steps to Create a Blueprint
  • Mentoring Individual and Organizational Progress with Blueprints

Who Should Attend

This webinar most benefits: 

  • Anyone committed to creating consciously what is most meaningful, successful, and aligned with mission and values that lead to laser focus, clear communication, and self-motivation.
  • Anyone ready to adopt new thinking and behaviors proven to dissolve barriers and create unprecedented collaboration, unity, and love.
  • Those who want a common language, concepts, and tools for creating responsibility, trust, and teamwork.
  • Those who want to build healthy interpersonal skills so discouragement, struggles, and stress are greatly reduced.
  • VP and C-Suite Executives, Directors (in, but not limited to, Operations, HR, DEI, Technology, Agile or Digital Transformation).
  • Leaders in Corporate, Education, Government, Non-Profit, Society, etc. - where the development of people is a priority).
  • Supervisors, Managers and Team Leads.
  • Mental Health and Wellness Practitioners.
  • Those Involved in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Why Should You Attend

You would not build a house without a well-constructed blueprint. Nor should you build a life, a business, a job, or a project without defining the reasons, means and visions for what you want so you invest your resources of time, energy, and money wisely. In this program, you gain the necessary information and tools to help craft your next steps in an exciting, responsible manner.

You should attend this webinar because you leave understanding the reasons why so many dreams, goals, projects, and ideas lose momentum and fail. You learn what to do so that planning and operating in life and work is effective, strategic, meaningful, and successful. You gain a powerful and comprehensive tool to chart and achieve your own progress and to effectively mentor those you and others lead, educate, or parent.

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