Cryptocurrency Taxation
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Jason Dinesen (EA, LPA) is a tax nerd, entrepreneur, tax expert and a well-known presenter of continuing education courses.

Known for his sharp tax interpretations, he is one of the quickest to bring the analysis of the latest tax updates and IRS guidance to the professional community. Jason has coached over 200,000 accounting, tax, and HR professionals on various topics of accounting, individual taxation, corporate taxation, professional ethics and much more.

He has presented over dozens of webinars on Form 1099 (for 10 years on this subject!); marriage in the tax code; tax updates; the new Form W-4, payroll updates, filing status, tax credit and other issues relating to the modern-day household setting.       

He also teaches 2 classes at Simpson College, Individual Income Tax and Business Analytics.

Jason always had a knack for radio shows and has and regularly features as an anchor for Radio Iowa.

Jason was born and raised in Iowa and has a degree in corporate communications from Simpson College in Indianola. He has a big family that includes his wife, two sons, 4 cats and 2 dogs. His other hobbies include being a season ticket holder to University of Iowa football.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been getting headlines for years now, first because of their increasing value, and lately because of a crash in value. Yet, few business professionals can grasp the intricacies, opportunities, and challenges posed by this new technology. Millions of crypto traders are searching daily for tax professionals with expert knowledge of crypto taxation. This webinar will provide you with the latest on cryptocurrency taxation and is perfect for tax pros seeking to learn more about crypt to, and for others seeking to understand how crypto works as it relates to taxes.

Areas Covered

  • Definitions and key terms
  • IRS guidance
  • Dealing with the ups and downs of the crypto market
  • Newer items such as NFTs
  • Dealing with various transactions, including charitable contributions made with crypto

Course Level - Basic/Intermediate

Why Should You Attend    

This continuing education course will prepare you to take on clients in blockchain businesses as well as ensure that you understand the full compliance measures relating to crypto. It will also be appropriate for people who are not tax professionals.

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