Bridging Globalization, Technology And Diversity With Emotional Intelligence
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
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For over 20 years, Judy Ryan has been CEO of LifeWork Systems and a recognized thought leader on workplace culture transformation that impacts engagement and performance for exceptional outcomes. She is an award-winning Author, Columnist, System Developer, Consultant, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and is frequently interviewed on TV, radio, and podcasts. Since 2002, Judy has been leading innovative methods to favorably impact the most important aspect of any organization: its people. She has created a digital, scalable culture transformation system and implementation framework. Judy’s purpose is to create a world in which all people love their lives. One of her primary visions is to fulfill her purpose in partnership with like-minded, like-hearted, and innovative thought leaders and change agents worldwide.

Change is happening at the speed of imagination, often causing high levels of confusion and strain on individuals and organizations. Today’s agile technologies and digital solutions must be mapped to equally agile workforce behaviors. All team members in every role must be able to both lead and follow dynamically as needs dictate, with confidence, no matter their title or tenure. In order to meet today’s requirement for collaboration and fluidity, each must know how to create psychological safety, using skills to manage their own engagement, productivity, and trusting relationships. When this occurs, everyone is able to access and operate from their greatest potential; intuitively, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

When 21st-century requirements and new processes in technology result in crisis conditions or disappointing results, it becomes your greatest opportunity to reconsider and overhaul existing human systems to the most advanced organizational models, so your people are able to thrive despite today’s speed of change and complexity.

Areas Covered

  • Today's Unique Trends and Challenges
  • Task Ownership and Agility
  • Evolution of Organizational Culture
  • Unresolved Psychological Contracts
  • Alignment, Trust, and Engagement
  • An Immersive Implementation

Who Should Attend

This webinar most benefits:

  • Visionary leaders who understand current and future trends in a global marketplace, including shifting challenges and priorities
  • Leaders seeking to understand how to create the conditions and conversations in which individuals and teams appreciate and leverage diversity and create highly responsible and proactive behaviors
  • Leaders who recognized the need for a systems approach to empower people to be exceptional and sustain consistent, effective evolvement to meet all current and future organizational objectives
  • Anyone ready to adopt new thinking and behaviors proven to dissolve barriers and create collaboration, unity, and love
  • Those who want a common language, concepts, and tools for creating responsibility, trust, and teamwork
  • Those who want to build healthy interpersonal skills so discouragement, struggles, and stress are greatly reduced
  • VP and C-Suite Executives, Directors (in, but not limited to, Operations, HR, DEI, Technology, Agile or Digital Transformation)
  • Leaders in Corporate, Education, Government, Non-Profit, Society, etc. - where the development of people is a priority)
  • Supervisors, Managers and Team Leads
  • Mental Health and Wellness Practitioners
  • Those Involved in Mergers and Acquisitions

Why Should You Attend

The cost of disengagement and missed opportunities to many organizations is staggering, resulting in high turnover, low productivity, and customer base erosion as a result of poor work quality, low staff morale, and customer experience. As big as this disengagement problem is, the bigger problem is that you may be like most leaders who don't make the connection between the causes of arrested development and the outcomes you experience.  You may therefore be ineffective in reversing them.

You should attend this webinar to consider an evolved culture model, involving participation by all in an organization, so they become emotionally and socially intelligent and collectively solve problems together. These include ROI targets you set to transform and measurably improve turnover, productivity, profitability, sales, reputation, and customer and employee service and satisfaction. You should attend if you are aware that keeping up in today’s world prevents you from being left behind; the only thing that ensures your continued success and viability. You should attend if you know having the best intention and responsibility from people in these changing times, is the best investment of time and money you can make.

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