Break the Chain - Overcome Addiction to Negativity
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
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Author of 2 best-selling book, an experienced Nurse, Smiling teacher, A successful sales person in medical equipment, Certified Counsellor and now a trained certified Purpose Coach briefly explains Premila’s professional journey.

She has worked with Mumbai’s best-known hospitals that is Breach Candy Hospital and Fortis. She later moved to medical equipment sales heading Mumbai region for Fisher & Paykel, world’s leading brand in medical care. She was the fastest growing manager at FPH Care India Ltd.

Challenges on health side forced her out of sales job but that did not stop her from taking up a new skill of teaching. She then worked with Lodha World School for 5 years.

Last few years she has focused herself working with teenagers, young adults and woman empowerment. Her book on focus by the title “Hey! Are you chasing 2 rabbits” is a best seller at Amazon and has most buyers have been teenagers. Her coaching and training areas include Self Love, Focus, Taking the lead, Time Management, Finding core values and Goal Setting.

She is very active on LinkedIn and has many blogs and articles on her website, that focus on Relationship, Self Love, Teenagers Mindset, Focus, Woman Empowerment, Procrastination, Time Management etc.

The 90-minute workshop focuses on understanding the root cause of negative thinking that we are addicted to and then takes us thru a step-by-step process of replacing thoughts that are new or joyful in nature.

Areas Covered

  • Activity based -Recognizing Negativity Addiction Uncovering the Root Causes
  • Breaking the Cycle:  Building Resilience: Embracing Self-Compassion

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals struggling with negative thinking patterns and emotions
  • Individuals seeking practical tools and techniques to break free from the cycle of negativity
  • Friends, family members, or professionals who wish to support and guide others dealing with negativity addiction

Why Should You Attend

Addiction manifests itself in the shape of behavior. You can become addicted to your job, food, or gambling. Whatever you are addicted to, one thing remains constant: the addiction's uncontrollable nature (at least for the time being).

Gain an Understanding of Negativity Addiction: Discover the fundamental causes of negativity addiction and how it impacts your mental and emotional well-being. Learn about the effects of negativity addiction on your relationships, job, and overall quality of life.

Identify Patterns and Triggers: Recognize the patterns and triggers that keep negativity addiction going. Discover the sources of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) that feed negativity and devise effective counter-strategies.

Topic Background

An average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Surprisingly, negative thoughts could vary between 30-80%, and moreover, almost 60-90% of our thoughts are exactly the same thoughts as the day before.

Negative thinking can quickly become chronic, habitual, and detrimental to our lives. In truth, most mental issues, such as worry, perfectionism, sadness, low confidence, and so on, are caused by improperly managed thoughts.

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