Limits and Potential of AI-content Creation: Do's and Dont's of Writing with AI
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
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Pauliina Rasi is an independent copywriter, communications consultant, and founder of Pauliina Rasi Communications. With 20 years of experience as a journalist and communications professional, she helps teams, projects and professionals with mighty missions to take their success to the next level.

Her super skills include breaking theory into actionable pieces so that her audience always leaves her workshops and events inspired and with a lot of ideas they can’t wait to put into action. Her workshops cover, among other themes, building thought leadership through online content and visibility strategies for ambitious professionals.

Pauliina is passionate about helping professionals and businesses alike to turn their vision of a better world into reality and she harnesses her passion for communication and her expertise in journalism and public relations to make that happen.

Here’s what Pauliina’s workshop participants say about her training:

“Pauliina’s workshop was super good - a really catchy and coherent presentation to encourage one to take the next steps on Linkedin.”

“Workshop with Paulina is a wonderful combination of learning and applying those learnings right away. That is particularly helpful for me, as otherwise I often listen to very interesting things in training but never take the time to apply all the tips.”

“Pauliina cuts to the chase of complex issues and comes up with many paths forward!”

How can AI writing tools be used by various professionals? For whom are they meant?

In this training, we'll take a look at much-talked-about AI-writing tools like Bard and ChatGPT, but also other AI-facilitated solutions that will help professionals who need to write a lot for their work but who constantly struggle to find enough time. Whether you’re working in marketing, writing articles, or creating internal memos and materials, using the tools strategically will save precious time, when used correctly.

We will go through examples and use cases for good usage of these tools as well as some cautionary tales of when and how they shouldn’t be touched and why. The participants will leave the training with an understanding of free tools that allow them to communicate professionally, all while saving time.

Areas Covered

  • Why is AI writing such a big deal?
      - Different AI-writing tools and how they can be used at the different stages of the process
      - AI is not only for writing: How these tools can make your content better and more diverse?
  • The potential of AI writing
      - Good reasons to use AI tools for time-savings, repurposing, error reduction, and quality enhancement
      - Safe-guards that are needed to make most of the tools without compromising the quality
  • Observations and Questions

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend

This webinar will benefit entrepreneurs and junior and senior professionals alike who want to save time by using the latest technology all while creating high-quality content. The training will be beneficial for content creators, communications and marketing professionals, people working on social media as well as other specialists who write a lot for work.

Why Should You Attend

AI-writing tools sound tempting - but are you unsure of how to use them effectively in your field of work? Or maybe you’ve tried but haven’t seen the potential and results you were hoping for?

AI writing can feel like a daunting experience as well as the wonderland for all things content. In reality, it is something in between a technology with its potential and limitations, in this training, we will equip the participants with the necessary skills and understanding to see how and where AI tools can be best used and where they should be avoided.

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