Putting Business and Analysis back in Business Analysis
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
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Robin F. Goldsmith, JD helps organizations get the right results right by advising and training business and systems professionals on REAL requirements, project management and leadership, risk-based Proactive Software Quality Assurance™ and Proactive Testing™, REAL ROI™, metrics, outsourcing, and process improvement. Subject expert for IIBA’s BABOK® v2, he is the author of the book, Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success, and the forthcoming book, Cut Creep: Write Right Agile User Story and Acceptance Test Requirements Right.

Do you sense business analysis and business analysts are falling behind? Is it as fulfilling as you’d like or expect, and do others give it the respect it needs and deserves? For instance, increasingly business analysts seem left out of Agile projects. These all can be signals business analysis is failing to provide adequate business value. It may merely reflect difficulty communicating value that actually is delivered, but more often value IS missing. Candidly reconsider, is your business analysis largely just order-taking and busywork? Is it mainly focusing on designing system/software products, which then not surprisingly often fail to meet business needs adequately? Ironically, Agile’s product owner role unwittingly exacerbates these issues.

This eye-opening interactive session shows BAs how they can and should contribute more valuable by discovering and analyzing what the business needs before analyzing how to build something that too often turns out not to be what's needed.

Business analysis is responsible for identifying business needs and suitable ways to provide business value by satisfying those needs. Effective business analysis is incredibly demanding, requiring highly-skilled proficiency in applying analysis models and methods. Too often, though, projects fail to recognize or appreciate needed business analysis skills and techniques. Consequently, through external time pressure and lack of awareness, business analysis often is skipped and focuses more on designing products and systems than on understanding and delivering business value.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how business analysis gets sidetracked from analyzing the right things
  • Apply ways for BAs to help Product Owners better perform their role
  • Distinguish more valuable analysis of the business from typical product analysis
  • Move from passive to active value-based discovery
  • Use the powerful Problem Pyramid™ to keep on track

Who Should Attend

This webinar is for business analysts and other business, project, and systems professionals who participate in or depend on results of projects to help your organization deliver customer and stakeholder business value. Your role may be as a manager, analyst, developer/engineer, QA/tester, operations or other specialists. You’re probably already involved in or planning to become involved in Agile projects, but the course’s concepts and techniques also can be applied by those in more traditional projects.

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