Cost of Quality for Medical Devices
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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Yuval Shapiro is the founder of QWV – Quality with Value, QA/RA Services. An expert for products and companies primarily related to medical devices that meet the real needs of their clientele. Substantial experience gained in various multi-discipline technology industries (Military, Telecom and Medical Devices), and give a high-value contribution to quality and reliability projects related to the medical device and telecom industries.

More than 20 years of experience in QA; including MD&D RA & QA; QMS (21CFR - Part820, ISO13485, TL9000, CMDCAS, ISO9001). EH&S Systems; QA/RA representative in R&D Projects; Risk Analysis as per ISO14791& ISO31000‎; EMC & Safety Certifications

How could one assess the effectiveness of a Quality Management System?

The best way to do that is by using the ultimate transfer unit: MONEY!

The purpose of a firm is to make money, the purpose of a QMS is to enable the firm to produce, and therefore – generate money with minimum losses that are reflected by failures.

The principles are known, but is done?

This lecture will give the listener the basic know-how to establish a Cost of Quality mechanism for a company: Easy to gather data, easy to implement, and easy support!

Areas Covered

  • What is the Cost of Quality?
  • The Regulatory Motivation of Cost of Quality
  • Economics of Quality
  • Cost of Quality Appraisal
  • Cost of Quality Failure
  • 6Sigma – DMAIC
  • 6Sigma – DMADV
  • Effectiveness of Quality

Course Level - Basic

Who Should Attend

QA Managers and QA Engineers

Why Should You Attend

Quality is a managerial practice aimed at increasing an organization’s efficiency. That efficiency is measured by costs.

How Quality assist with Cost Effectiveness?

This webinar will discuss how to implement effectively a Cost of Quality System (Data Collection, Analysis, and Metrics) using the mechanism of 6Sigma—DMAIC.

The presentation will address the Costs of Failure and Costs of Appraisal.

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