Work Organized - Manage Systems
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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Willi Ramseier is currently the owner and director of QVRAM GmbH of Basel, Switzerland. As an expert in quality assurance, system validation, risk awareness and management, Ramseier is a reputed trainer, mentor, and Quality Compliance officer. Previously at Hoffman-La Roche, he now consults across Europe, including as a Process-Validation Expert at Synthes-DePuy-Johnston & Johnston Switzerland and as Quality Consultant and CSV advisor and  GxP Workshop Trainer for a CROs in Cologne and Dresden. He also is a teacher and lead auditor for ISO9001:2015.

I will discuss four important parts of a business process (clinical study); you will gain from my description of common issues and misconceptions, their basis and remedy, and also through real live stories I provide with the four areas I discuss.

Is your work well organized, according to the business process? 

Areas Covered

  • Definitions of data, information, security, responsibility, and their meaning, where humans are involved
  • The important parts in a business process; issues and misconceptions, in each frame
  • The frame, definition and why it provides the rules and requirements
  • Any change is risky – the risk mitigation is: work organized!
  • Q & A

Course Level - Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • Heads of clinical study teams
  • Executive Managers
  • Clinical Study Sponsors
  • Clinical Study Investigators
  • Clinical Study Program Managers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals

Why Should You Attend

Ask yourself the following four questions – in case you can’t answer them or are not sure, then listen to this webinar.

  • Are you working organized according to your company’s top policy ?
  • What leads you, resource management or business process ?
  • How organized are changes within your area ?
  • Can you answer these questions completely and correctly, with your future professional life depending on it?

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