Why You Must Involve Employees and Temps In Your Safety Program
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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Independent Insurance broker/agency owner, writing a large book of workers compensation and assisting policyholders with open claim management and closure. Sold the agency 17 years ago. This background provided a segue into becoming an OSHA safety advisor. To date, I have spoken to three large companies going nationwide by way of a telecast presentation. Just finished a telecast presentation to the American Rental Association who has 10,000 members nationwide.

Your company needs to be informed about what documentation OSHA will review when they drop-in, or advise they will be visiting, or are there as the result of a serious injury.

Your written safety program will be reviewed. They will interview the person in charge of your OSHA safety program. Who should be the point person to meet with them? How should that person prepare for this audit? Can the suggested preparation that will be given less the anxiety of this meeting? Five red flags that say your program has crashed or is about to.

Learning Objectives

You will learn the importance of an employer/employee team effort, For example:

  • Appointing an employee from each department [ clerical, warehouse, transportation, etc.,] to be a member of the safety committee
  • The right and wrong way to give out rewards to individuals for safety compliance
  • The right response to employees with attitudes
  • When and how to enforce your safety program
  • Should temp employees be treated the same as full-time employees

Areas Covered

  • Will the OSHAauditor be interested in these points?
  • Are verbal responses to safety accepted?
  • How to get started on making sure you are in compliance
  • How does OSHA define a "Willful negligent" citation

Course Level - All levels, all employees play a part in the safety program.

Who Should Attend

  • Owners
  • Supervisors
  • Hr and Project leads
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