Time to Review and Update Your Employment Policies: Tips and Traps
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Steven G. Meilleur, Ph.D., SPHR – is President, CEO – PRAXIS Management Solutions, LLC, a New Mexico-based management consulting firm specializing in human resources, employee relations, leadership, training & organizational development, organizational research and assessment, strategic & operational planning, and non-profit organization management and governance. Dr. Meilleur has more than 40 years of management and executive-level experience in human resources, risk management, and organizational management in the private non-profit public, and private for-profit sectors.  

Dr. Meilleur also serves as Senior Vice-President and Risk Services Consultant for Human Resources and Employment with Poms & Associates, a national risk services and insurance brokerage firm. His previous work experience includes public, private, and nonprofit organizations, in executive and management capacities.

He is also on the faculty of the UNM School of Public Administration in the graduate program, teaching in the areas of human resource management, nonprofit organization management, leadership, dispute resolution, organizational change, and human resource development.  He has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops across the country and is a published author in the areas of human resources, marketing, leadership and management development, organizational change and innovation, non-profit organization management, and board development.

Dr. Meilleur received a BA in English Literature and Education from Bucknell University, an Executive MBA from the University of New Mexico’s Anderson Graduate School of Management, and his Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Learning from UNM. He received his certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Society for Human Resource Management in 1995.

Your employment policy manual is essential for smooth operations. It should be the go-to authority for policies. Secondly, it’s critical for new hire training. As such, it should be the first place to look for legal clarification. Thirdly, you can use it to showcase your company culture.

An employment policy manual is a document in an organization that contains policies and procedures with which employees are expected comply. It also contains legal clarifications and updates to help employees understand the employer’s policies and procedures at a given time and place. A well-written manual also gives employers the opportunity to establish and communicate the company’s culture. 

Employers should first assess the contents of the handbook to determine what should be updated and what should remain in the handbook. You should also ensure that the handbook contains certain information. Additionally, the content review helps to determine what should be included in the handbook that will be beneficial to the employees while they perform their duties.

You should continue updating the employee handbook by looking for new regulations and laws that apply to the industry the organization deals in. Such laws will help employees know the newly expected regulations in the industry. Additionally, employers will become familiar with the new regulations which will help them adjust their job descriptions. There are different essential upgrades that companies should consider when writing and updating the employment policy manual for 2022.

Areas Covered

  • Review and updates for 2022
  • Common mistakes made in policy manuals
  • Essential policies your manual should include, and NOT include
  • Preparing multi-state policy manuals
  • Proper language to use to keep you out of trouble
  • Model policies, and format for policy and procedures
  • Essential policies in the wake of COVID-19

Course Level - Intermediate - Advanced

Who should attend

  • HR professionals
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Business owners
  • Team leaders

Why Should You Attend

Businesses should review their existing employment policy manual each year to confirm that it complies with all relevant regulations and best practices. COVID-19 has added numerous compliance concerns and many businesses remain unclear on what to add or amend in corporate policy documents. This webinar will help you complete a 2022 employment policy manual update, to create a policy manual, or to conduct an employee policy manual review.

Employment policies are important documents in any organization. Procedures that are effectively designed and written help both managers and employees increase efficiency and productivity, reduce mistakes and frustration and save time and money by providing clear guidelines that are easy to find and follow. The policy manual should be reviewed and modified constantly as the workplace and its laws and practices change. Parts of the manual are standard, covering basic rules and legal obligations, but much of the policy is discretionary and tailored to the specific culture of an organization. 

In this practical webinar, we will discuss best practices for writing employment policy manuals to help you develop logical and easy-to-understand documents. We will also explore tips for writing proper policies, and traps to be avoided in your policy manuals, and assuring that organization-wide policies and practices are uniformly enforced.

Topic Background

The end of this year is a good time for employers to review their handbooks and ensure policies are updated with the latest employment and labor law  developments for 2022. Notably, the COVID-19 pandemic may have prompted changes to employers' remote-work, paid-leave and other policies.

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