Value Stream Mapping
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Kenneth Zabel has conducted Value Stream Maps while working for several automotive suppliers and manufacturers of commercial food processing equipment. He also has over twenty years’ experience working for global third-party certification bodies and for the past five years he has conducted educational seminars and has been a Quality and Sustainability Auditor of manufacturers and their suppliers across North America.

Value Stream Mapping is completed by a small project team - representatives from different departments. They have a first-hand perspective on how things are done, and how well the current system works. A facilitator could be a senior manager who understands value stream mapping or an external consultant to help you. Their goal is to:

  • Define the scope of their Value Stream Mapping activities 
  • Define the Steps 
  • Indicate the current Information Flows 
  • Gather the Critical Data 
  • Add Data and Time Lines to the Value Stream Map 
  • Identify the Seven Wastes of Lean - transportation, unnecessary movement, inventory, waiting, over-processing, overproduction, defects 
  • Create the Ideal Value Stream Map

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) also known as a value stream analysis and lean process mapping, is defined as a lean tool that employs a flow diagram(s) to document every step in the process. The original VSM template was created by Toyota Motor Company and implemented via material and process flow diagrams - it illustrated the necessary process steps that existed from order entry to final product delivery and was useful for gaining a wide-reaching view of the company’s activities. This allowed Toyota to remove nonessential activities that created waste while maintaining the manufacturing process.

Areas Covered

  • What is VALUE to your customer?
  • Identifying unnecessary steps (and delays)
  • Eliminating unnecessary movements, transportation, wait time, delays
  • Increasing productivity – and therefore production
  • Increasing production, customer satisfaction, profitability

Course Level - Basic/Fundamental to Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Production Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Accountants
  • Quality/Manufacturing Consultants

Why Should Attend

  • Do your current processes disappoint your customer’s expectations? In price? In quality? In reliable delivery? In response to their requests? 
  • Do you experience DELAYS in your business operations?
  • Have you identified RESTRAINTS that limit your production and customer satisfaction? 
  • Do you see EXCESS INVENTORY in your warehouse (unproductive resource utilization)?
  • Have you hired someone to train you on LEAN MANUFACTURING – saw some results – and want to see more?
  • Value Stream Mapping allows you to see a top-down overview of your business processes. The processes (workflow) then can be analyzed to identify waste and inefficiencies.
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