Valuable Communication Skills: It’s How You Say It
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Dr. June (Hall) is known as the Proprietor of Positivity. With her background in Counseling and Education, she is more than a coach. She is a motivationalist who has been said to have a “winning attitude”, “high energy”, and “sage advice”. Not only has she been an educator for over 20 years as a teacher, mentor, administrator and leader, she also penned a syndicated advice column and had her own advice segment on CBS Morning News in Miami. She founded Time to APT (Accentuate Positive Thinking), which offers conferences to educate individuals how to live a healthier, happier life.  Dr. June has imparted knowledge regarding leadership, wellness, and positivity on national television as well as offered her advising services by being a speaker for organizations such as Pasco Lawyers Group, Mental Health Association, Florida Developmental Education Association, and CARE Foundation of Portland.

Your message may be a very important one but if no one is willing to listen, its value will be lost. Effective Communication is a commonly used phrase; wherein, effective basically means being successful in what you are trying to accomplish. While you have been successful in sharing the information, it is important that what has been shared is understood and meaningful.

Less than 10% of what you say is part of the listening process. People are looking more at your expressions and body language. Additionally, most people are communicating with others throughout the day but approximately 50% are really listening. Well, what do you do to get your staff or others to not only hear, but really listen to what you are trying to convey. Three steps will be covered in this webinar to help you develop communication skills to reach others.

Learning Objective

  • Improve communication competencies that build relationships personally and professionally
  • Recognizing what the body may be inferring without realizing the message that is being delivered
  • Enhancing listening skills that will improve interpersonal communication skills
  • Understanding the different styles of communicating to have a more positive interchange with others
  • Building collaborative working relationships, sharing dialogues that are productive to more efficiently complete tasks

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals who view communication as a vital role to their jobs
  • Individuals who want to communicate more effectively personally and professionally
  • Individuals who want to build better working relationships
  • $200.00

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