Using US Customs FREE ACE Portal to Improve Import Compliance and Identify Strategic Opportunities
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Ms. Waltuck Barnett is a highly regarded global trade professional, having created and implemented global and domestic trade compliance programs across many industries for companies large and small. Her experience includes oversight of a $5B, 65-location division of Honeywell, a $3B, 17-location division of Motorola, and Global Trade Optimization for Dell, Inc., among others.

Ms. Waltuck has worked in the international trade arena in various industries for nearly 20 years. Her professional accomplishments include multi-million dollar global supply chain savings under various legal theories, as well as end-to-end global trade risk mitigation processes and procedures, identifying “right-sized” technology tools, including “compliance on a shoestring” practices.

She has served on councils and boards for various organizations, including the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI), the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), is a charter member of the International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA), and a frequently sought-after trade and supply chain conference speaker for various well-known conference organizers, including the American Conference Institute (ACI), Marcus-Evans, and Richardson Conference Events.

A licensed customs broker, Randi, a 6-Sigma Green Belt, holds degrees in International Business, an MBA in Finance, began her pursuit of a J.D. in International Trade Law, and is available to solve your global trade needs, now!

This session will walk you through setting up, extracting, and using US Customs free ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) web-portal data for your US importing businesses. Using this data will help you identify key performance areas, risks, and opportunities, as well as allowing you to identify any inadvertent errors made in your US Customs Entry declarations. 

Since the US Customs Modernization Act, which entered into force in 1994, the responsibility and LIABILITY to conform to all material Customs Laws and Regulations has fallen squarely on to the Importer of Record. All US importers have the legal responsibility to “exercise reasonable care” in all aspects of their importations. Various tools such as ACE Accounts, US Customs own website, provides access to transactional import data, allowing importers to identify potential material violations, and implement corrective measures for risk mitigation. In addition, ACE extract reports can provide a window into finding data-driven strategic trade opportunities for potential enhanced bottom-line activity.

Areas Covered

  • Understand your legal obligations as a US importer
  • Learn what ACE is, and what it is not
  • Identify ways to capture all of your import data, even if not reflected in any ACE report
  • Learn how to establish your own FREE ACE account via the US Customs Web portal
  • See what ACE Data looks like
  • Identify Best Practices for using ACE Data for on-going internal controls for your US import transactions
  • Learn how to use ACE data to mitigate the risk associated with identified violations
  • Identify landed cost-saving opportunities based on ACE data analyses

Course Level-Intermediate: Assumes a basic understanding of various trade concepts, including but not limited to classification, valuation, and country of origin. Detailed knowledge of Customs abbreviations is useful.

Who Should Attend   

  • Customs Compliance
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Accounting

Why Should Attend

“Ignorance is no excuse”. All US Imports are legally responsible and liable for knowing, understanding, and properly applying all applicable laws and regulations under the US Customs Modernization Act (the “Mod Act”) under the “reasonable care” legal standard.

This session will show you how to use FREE Customs data to ensure that your Customs entry declarations are complete and accurate to meet the reasonable care standard and offer you an opportunity to timely correct the legal record.

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