Update Your Business Writing Skills – The Rules Have Changed!
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Rhonda Scharf CSP, HoF, GSF

Insightful … humorous … entertaining … even contagious  … words that are often used to describe Rhonda Scharf. A speaker with the uncanny ability to look at the normal and see something quite different. Rhonda will share some things she has learned to help you thrive in your work environment, emerging at the end of the day with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. Audiences far and wide sing her praises for her relevant and useful tips on administration, communication, and workplace effectiveness!

Rhonda is an author, speaker, trainer, and grandmother! She has earned her Certified Speaking Professional (less than 7% of all speakers worldwide have earned this designation), is a member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, and is one of only 35 speakers worldwide who have earned their Global Speaking Fellow (meaning she truly has an international business), and been awarded the Spirit of CAPS award. She is the ONLY speaker in the entire world who has earned all four awards. Her peers consider Rhonda a leader in the speaking industry! Her natural warmth and sincerity are balanced by a healthy sense of the absurd, a combination that is useful in any situation.

Rhonda’s professional speaking career began at age two… when her mother would offer her 25 cents to be quiet for five minutes!

Someone, somewhere, for some reason, decided that English needed to change. They changed the rules for punctuation, spacing, and style without notice or warning. If it has been five years or more since you've taken a business-writing course, then you NEED to take this one! This course offers effective strategies to sharpen your writing skills by structuring your ideas logically, exercising diplomacy in letters and reports, and shaping your arguments. The danger of not keeping your skills up to date is your reputation. You can fix that in just one webinar!

Areas Covered

  • Organize and write clear and concise emails and letters that are appropriate to your company’s business culture
  • Writing effective (and polished) business communications
  • Specific tips for writing an email and other correspondence
  • Avoiding passive-voice sentence structure, wordiness, and comma-spliced run-on sentences
  • Using correct punctuation and grammar
  • Words, phrases, and expressions to avoid
  • Grammar refresh (honestly this won’t be painful!)
  • Red flags to watch for (lie or lay, bi-weekly or semi-weekly)
  • Easy memory tricks to help you (remember I before E except after C?)

Course Level - Basic/Fundamental

Who Should Attend   

Anyone who Is over 30! The rules you’ve learned in school are outdated and make you look old and out of date!

Why Should You Attend

Time will change. The rules will change, and we need to change with them. Hairstyles change, music changes, cars change, language changes, and business writing changes too. Just because you learned your business writing techniques one way doesn’t mean that it is still correct today. Some of the changes I like, some not as much, but we still need to keep up with the changes and change the way we are doing things as well regardless of how we personally feel about the changes.

If we always took the stubborn, “I’ll never change” approach, we would never update our clothing style (it’s not like you actually ever wear out your clothes, right?), our laws, or our technology. Are you still using an Underwood typewriter to create documents? Of course not. In fact, if we want to live in the past, then we should all still be happy to bring the boss “his” coffee and pick up his dry cleaning. Fortunately, times have changed. Are you keeping up with the changes?

I’m glad we don’t speak Shakespearean English; we don’t smoke in the office or wear tie-dye anymore. As a professional, it is important that we keep our skills current as well.

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