Top 10 Compliance Issues For Front Line Debt Collection Staff
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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In her 40 year career in the collection industry, Debra Ciskey served 2 successive terms on the Board of Directors of ACA International: The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, and currently serves as an ACA Certified Instructor, having taught more than 200 ACA seminars. She was instrumental in the development of the Credit and Collection Compliance Officer program, the Credit and Collection Compliance Attorney program, the Trainer Specialist program, FDCPA seminars, and numerous others. Other leadership positions she has held include Chairman of the association’s Education Council, Ethics Committee, Public Relations Committee, and Regulatory Affairs Committee. After serving ACA members as an ACA staffer, Debra worked in training and development and compliance roles for prominent industry members, and is now Executive Vice President of The Collection Coach, LLC and Executive Vice President of a leading collection firm, CACi, in St. Louis, MO.

In this engaging and fast-paced session, you will learn how to avoid unprofessional communication and why doing so can have a positive impact on your key performance indicators. Ever wonder if the notification you receive about attorney representation meets the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to cease contact with the consumer? This course will give you the answers. What about third-party communication? We’ll define who we can speak with, who to avoid, and how to get permission to speak with otherwise unauthorized parties. Are you good at updating account notes? We’ll discuss how this skill can help achieve better right party contacts and prevent harassment and misrepresentation. Do you ever feel uncomfortable about the outcome of a call, like you have been driven to say things you would have preferred to avoid? That’s call baiting, and in this call, we’ll identify common traps. Avoiding overshadowing of consumer rights and recognizing baiting related to the validation period will be explained, and recognizing and avoiding UDAAP provides a key explanation of behaviors called out in enforcement orders.

Areas Covered

  • Professional communication skills
  • Attorney representation
  • Third-party communication
  • Avoiding consumer traps
  • Overshadowing

Course Level - Basic/Fundamental

Who Should Attend

  • Collectors
  • Account Representatives
  • Collection Agents

Why Should You Attend

The actions of Front Line collectors can be the basis for complaints and consumer litigation. This information-packed program discusses avoiding harassment and abuse, attorney representation, third-party disclosure, recognizing bait callers, handling dispute calls, avoiding overshadowing, and UDAAP. Tips for success within these scenarios and discussion related to using empathy and employing successful customer service skills are provided.

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