The Credit Managers Tool Box
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Ron has over thirty years in credit management in the clothing, door and window manufacturing, wine, medical device industry and now direct mailing. He holds a BS in Accounting and has received his certification in credit and finance from the Amos Tuck business school at Dartmouth University. Ron has been in instructor for NACM for 21 years teaching both the CAP and ACAP classes helping over 150 credit people prepare for their credit designations. Ron is currently the Director of Credit and payment solutions at Mspark Inc.

Ron has been honored with the following awards for his efforts in giving back to the credit community; NACM National instructor of the year 2010, Credit Executive of Upstate NY in 2011 and the NACM CCE award of Excellence in 2013. He has a passion for his profession and is continually looking to share his knowledge so others can grow theirs.

This webinar will cover the entire credit process from how to obtain the information and what you need to look for in the statements. We will show the relationship between the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. We will go through an entire analysis process using a variety of ratios including Liquidity, Activity, Leverage, and Profitability. The webinar will show how to common-size financial statements for easier comparisons and do a thorough analysis of a company from start to finish and will also show how to write up an effective credit review with financial information (If available) to present to management for approval on your largest accounts.

Time will be spent to discuss the Altman Z score which will tell you the probability of the company going bankrupt within the next 12 months.

Learning Objectives

  • Where to find financial information
  • How the SEC and FASB work together to make an accounting policy
  • How to start the analysis process
  • Doing a full financial review of a company
  • If you can get financial information on the customer you will learn what numbers to pull off the financial statements, which ratios to use and how to calculate them
  • Learn about the main four auditor’s opinions
  • Performing all the main financial ratios
  • Writing a summary of your review to present to management

Course Level - Basic and Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Credit Managers/ Credit Analysts/ Collection Specialists
  • Anyone overseeing the credit and collections area

Why Should You Attend

Today there is more information available for the Credit profession than ever before. This webinar will show you what tools you need to find the credit information you need. You will learn about the Pro’s and Con’s of buying credit reports, the advantages of being in Industry Trade groups, and discuss how to start a credit analysis. We will discuss where you can find financial information; the web, credit reports, audited financial statements, etc. You will learn how to do a full financial analysis encompassing the Income statement, Balance sheet, and Statement of Cash flows. You will learn the importance that the notes to the financial statements provide, the auditors' opinion, and the management and analysis letter.

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