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Ralph Ward is an internationally-recognized speaker, writer, and advisor on the role of boards of directors, how “benchmark” boards excel, setting personal boardroom goals, and the future of governance worldwide. Ward is a publisher of the online newsletter Boardroom INSIDER, the worldwide source for practical, first-hand tips for better boards and directors ( He also edits The Corporate Board magazine ( the nation's leading corporate governance journal, with subscribers who are directors and senior officers across the U.S. and in 27 foreign countries.

He is author of six acclaimed books on board and governance for today’s corporate boards, the challenges they face, and the answers they need to excel: • Board Seeker Guidebook (2018) • Boardroom Q&A (2011) • The New Boardroom Leaders (2008) • Saving the Corporate Board (2003) • Improving Corporate Boards (2000) • 21st Century Corporate Board (1997)

The corporate board model was never designed to do real business work… so it fails time and again. This is the Big Secret of corporate boards that none of us want to admit. It originated as a ceremonial legal body, but now we increasingly demand to fulfill a very functional role. The odds are very much against the board of directors doing its job effectively

Our program will help you even those odds. I’ve found that what really matters is the machinery of what happens inside the boardroom. The meetings, discussion, agendas, minutes, board structure, information, and so on. This may seem like minutiae or basic housekeeping. In fact, these workaday matters are what really make a board effective -- or not if you ignore them.

How do you organize the board… what are its specific duties? Why do we always run out of time before we run out of agenda? Why do board presentations put everyone to sleep? How do you craft meetings, agendas, paperwork, support, leadership, and membership to do a sometimes impossible job?  

Prepare for an hour of intense learning that will give your board the edge it needs to survive in today’s demanding, crisis-prone business world. You’ll take lots of notes, and find yourself saying “why didn’t we think of that.” Best of all, at your very next board meeting, you’ll be doing a far better job of governance, with less time, effort, and expense.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to cut the waste board in board meetings… leaving more time for high-value board work
  • The one thing that belongs in every board meeting package (not just the agenda)
  • Smart data and online board portals can supercharge any board - if you follow these rules
  • Learn to shape board calendars and agendas that start you outright
  • How to organize your board effectively
  • Board committee structures that help you do more, better work in less time
  • Crafting board agendas that use every minute productively
  • Why the information most boards receive actually makes their tasks more difficult
  • How smart boards make the best use of company secretaries, corporate counsel, and other staff
  • Technology tools that can turbocharge board meetings

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Corporate board members
  • Private and family firm board members
  • Corporate secretaries
  • Corporate counsel
  • Venture capital and private equity partners

Why Should You Attend

Here are the best-practice tips (meetings, info, agendas, committees, structure, etc.) that boards around the world use to do a better job, in less time.

The job facing corporate board members today is, frankly, impossible. Busy, part-time businesspeople must step into the boardroom every few months and instantly become professional, well-informed, focused fiduciaries. Yet they lack the time, resources, and specialized knowledge required to stay up to speed on the companies they serve. The result – confusion; missed danger signs; busy, time-wasting board agendas; boring, ineffective meetings; huge amounts of pre-meeting info that is high on bulk, but weak on value. Worst of all, the board members, management, and shareholders risk serious personal liability, regulatory penalties, market losses, and even company failure.

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