Testing Untestable Requirements
Date : 13 February 2019
Time : 01 : 00 PM EST
Duration : 90 Minutes

Robin F. Goldsmith, JD helps organizations get the right results right by advising and training business and systems professionals on REAL requirements, project management and leadership, risk-based Proactive Software Quality Assurance™ and Proactive Testing™, REAL ROI™, metrics, outsourcing, and process improvement. Subject expert for IIBA’s BABOK® v2, he is an author of the book, Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success, and the forthcoming book, Cut Creep: Write Right Agile User Story and Acceptance Test Requirements Right.

Testability of requirements and design is a major concern for testers. When something is not testable, it's usually because it's not clear, which increases chances of development errors; and regardless, one cannot reliably do the job of testing whether an implementation is correct. Defining testable Quality Factors (often called "nonfunctional requirements") is especially challenging. In this eye-opening interactive presentation, Robin Goldsmith shows how tests indeed can be created for seemingly untestable requirements/designs, with the side benefit of helping correct likely problem sources without engendering so much of the resistance testers typically tend to encounter.

Business analysts generally focus on defining requirements but seldom also meaningfully evaluate the adequacy of those requirements. In contrast, QA/testers frequently critique requirements, sometimes as part of explicit requirements reviews but often just reacting to whatever requirements they’ve received. Almost always, QA/testers complain requirements are not testable and should be rewritten so they are testable. Almost always, their requests are ignored by already-overworked business analysts who had barely enough time to define the requirements in the first place and no time to redo them.   

Learning Objectives

  • Common characteristics of untestable requirements and designs
  • Why others often resist testers' concerns about testability
  • Creating test cases for seemingly untestable requirements/designs

Who Should Attend

This webinar is for QA/testers, business analysts, project managers, and other business, project, and systems professionals who participate in or depend on results of projects to help your organization deliver customer and stakeholder business value. Concepts and techniques also are relevant to developer/engineer, operations or other specialist roles. You’re probably already involved in or planning to become involved in agile projects, but the course’s concepts and techniques also can be applied by those in more traditional projects.

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