Strategies and Tactics to Achieve Balance
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Advance
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David is a professional speaker, executive coach, and author. His unique experience and expertise include the military, academia, and business. DGR has “been there and done that.” 

  • Fighter pilot in the USAF, 208 combat missions, DFC
  •   Founder & CEO of three companies
  •    Best-selling author:
         ▪   The CEO Code
         ▪   Idiot’s Guides: Management Skills
  •   Regional Manager & Management Advisory Council, Merrill Lynch
  • Commercial & residential real estate developer
  • MBA in finance from California State University
  • Studied with Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate University
  •   Adjunct instructor at six colleges in the Southwest United States
  • Lived & worked in Europe for three years and Asia for one

David has an uncanny ability to relate, cut through the fog and gently share new alternatives that work. Scores of sophisticated, successful and sincere executives have enjoyed and profited from DGR’s guidance.

The very beginning of achieving great things is, to be honest, and candid with yourself when you assess exactly what your talents are and how much time you have to invest. Having a balance has to be a key ingredient in the plan or it will self destruct. Realize that most tasks will expand to fill the time allocated to the task. This process is first and foremost a “mindset.”

Next is the process of creating a clear vision and comprehensive plan to consistently work on yourself. You need to develop a personal growth plan that we might call “Designing Your Future” or “YOU, Inc.”

Given you know who you are now and who you want to become, it becomes easy to decide where you want to go and build a plan, the final step is to implement the plan. We will discuss numerous ways to plan, communicate, manage and execute your life plan. Our focus will be the two critical areas of time and talent. The happiest people are fully utilizing their God-given talents. They are having the “time of their life.”

You are a very special person. No one else can compare to you and the way you are unique. This life is not a dress rehearsal and you only go around once. If you want to get the most joy and fulfillment you need balance.

Areas Covered

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • Prioritizing your major life areas
  • How to develop a written planner investing your time, talent and treasure
  • Tools to explore, evaluate and execute your plan
  • Execution, the ultimate test, and evidence of your voracity
  • Measurement and management of self, a continual process
  • Feedback, benchmarking, adapting, adjusting and engaging

Course Level - All

Who Should Attend   

  • CEO, CFO, CTO, etc
  • Vice Presidents, Managers, and Supervisors
  • High potential employees being groomed for promotion

Why Should Attend

Babies learn to walk by trying, falling and getting up again. Finally, they are able to get up, walk and even run. Life balance is similar. You and I will from time to time fall down. The secret is to believe in yourself and get up, try, persist and ultimately overcome.

This webinar will be inspirational and practical. You will take away specific ways to change your mindset, develop a workable plan and then discover how to stick to it. You will have several exercises and models to use as you strive for your ideal self. It’s not easy but it is so worthwhile.

The rewards are great but you have to try and the easiest way to get started in living a life of grand fulfillment is taking one step at a time. Sign up and you will enjoy the process, I guarantee it.

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