Storage Conditions of Drugs as an Essential Factor for Maintaining Efficacy
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Mohammad has a unique blend of both technical and business experience and qualifications. After graduating in pharmaceutical science, he has held posts in the fields of R&D and production of pharmaceutical dosage forms and as a toll manufacturing coordinator then, after completing postgraduate certificate in management from AUC, he has senior management roles in business development in pharmaceutical industry mainly in the area of planning, supply chain, process management & improvement and business excellence models and he leads teams for different QMS inspections as GMP & ISO 9001 inspections.

During his career in the supply chain, he took the responsibility of establishing & structuring the supply chain department within the company to cover production planning, inventory control, distribution inside & outside Egypt for pharmaceutical companies.

During his career life, he conducted a lot of training sessions as an internal training instructor for his team & as QMS consultant &  instructor in REYADA PRO Consulting Co.

The loss of potency during storage may influence the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical products require controlled storage and transit conditions in order to ensure that their quality is not compromised. Storage is an important aspect of the total drug control system.

Proper environmental control (i.e., proper temperature, light, and humidity, conditions of sanitation, ventilation, and segregation) must be maintained wherever drugs and supplies are stored in the premises.

Areas Covered

  • Overview of guidelines of storage & distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • Product quality and factors affecting it
  • Stability studies to support handling of pharmaceutical products (Storage & distribution)
  • Regulatory definitions for different temperature descriptions Ambient, room & cold chains)
  • Efficacy distortion due to mishandling during storage of pharmaceutical products
  • Storage conditions of various types of pharmaceutical products

Course Level -  Basic / Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Pharmacists & nurses in hospitals
  • Pharmacists & technicians in pharmacies
  • Warehouse officers in pharmaceutical companies
  • Distributors of pharmaceuticals
  • Shipping companies responsible for shipping of pharmaceuticals

Why Should Attend

"I take the medicine but no effect", one of the hidden causes to hear this sentences from the patient is a distortion of storage conditions during storage, shipping or distribution of the pharmaceutical products. So pharmacists, warehouse officers in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies or anyone in handling with the pharmaceutical products should pay great attention to the storage requirements of each type of pharmaceutical products to ensure that it maintains its efficacy pattern during its whole shelf life.

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