Sales Skills for Non-sales Professionals
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Joe Rosner starting selling greeting cards door to door at age 11. In his teens, he started and ran a successful lawn mowing business. Joe has invested a great deal of time and money obtaining sales expertise from top sales gurus including Steve Shiffman, Dale Carnegie, Jeffery Gitomer, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, David Sandler and Ben Franklin. He has read hundreds, if not thousands, of sales success books. And he then applied what these top experts teach in real life sales situations. In the sales role for a predecessor of what would eventually become Kenex, an IBM company, he sold to prospects from the boardroom to the loading dock. He has successfully has sold a variety of services and products to large and small business organizations, as well as to consumers. Joe has provided sales training at local colleges, for human resources organizations and for individual clients in industrial equipment, insurance, healthcare and more.

Are you in “sales”? Even if the word ‘sales” aren’t in your job title you, and everyone else, in business sells something. Jobs in customer service, accounting, delivery, and operations, or any other job with customer contact, will have opportunities to retain customers, help discover additional products and services or to continue on as a customer with every contact. Or you may have exclusively internal customers, but need to influence co-workers to buy into mutually beneficial goals. Learning to recognize sales opportunities and take advantage of them improves profitability. So why not take the time to gain skills and knowledge to maximize your success when sales situations arise? Sales are not “rocket science,” but it is a science. This webinar will teach you proven sales strategies, tactics, and techniques to influence people and win at the sales game.

This program provides an overview of the sales and selling for beginners or experienced pros that would like a refresher of on what they already know. Areas covered include-

  • Why “sales’ and ‘selling” are not bad words
  • How sales and selling are vital for individual, organization success
  • Understanding the sales process as a ladder to determine what step you’re on and how to move up to the next step
  • Building and maintaining your sales ”pipeline”
  • Suspects, Prospects, Customers, & Clients
  • Simple, effective ways to move the sales process forward
  • Methods and concepts for closing more sales
  • Understanding objections and how to manage them

The single most common factor in business success is one’s people skills. And sales skills are people skills! If you want to make more money, get noticed by management or just enjoy your work more improvement of these skills and abilities is the surest way to succeed.

  • Are you a beginner who needs to learn basic sales skills and knowledge?
  • Would you like to refresh and improve your skills so you can up your sales game?
  • Do you need to change what your internal customers say and do?
  • If you said “yes” to one or more of these questions, you should sign up for this online class
  • Mastering the skills taught in this webinar will result in people, liking you more, trusting more and wanting to do more business with you

Learning Objectives

After participating in this presentation you will be able to describe, outline and/or discuss methods for   

  • Establishing and maintaining a “sales mindset.”
  • Recognising sales opportunities
  • Creating trust and rapport
  • Defining and taking steps up the “sales ladder”
  • Handling objections, rejections, and brush-offs
  • Closing tactics and strategies

Who Should Attend

  • Customer facing employees in all positions and levels
  • People who wish to affect the actions of internal customers
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