Powerful and Positive Presence for Clear Communication On- and Offline
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : All Levels
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Paula Naeff is a High Performance and Business Coach, specialized in Athlete Mental Strength for all sports. She is a guide, sounding board and facilitator for transformation and high performance to her clients.She is an international best selling author and a professional speaker, who makes her audiences smile and walk away with elevated energy. Anything she does, she sprinkles with joy.

Paula is originally from Finland and now based in Switzerland. She has lived on three continents and is serving clients worldwide. Paula serves powerfully using her superpower, which is listening. She is a mother, entrepreneur, certified Business Coach and Consultant and a Pilates instructor. She has a BA in Business and visual Arts, trained in classical ballet, and a former Credit Manager and Clown. Life is her biggest training ground.

Paula serves openly and authentically with passion. Her purpose is to help others and her mission is to bring clarity, joy and a healthy balance to leaders and organizations worldwide, which will create positive change in workplaces. Her ultimate goal is to eradicate burnout and depression due to excessive workplace stress and to help dancers and athletes become mentally strong.

In this webinar you will dive deep into understanding what powerful presence means and how to tap into your own innate wisdom to create your own unique positive and powerful presence.

The goal is to learn to communicate with ease and clarity, which means paying attention to both how you communicate with others and how well you listen and understand others.

Understanding and being understood by others seems easier when you are in the same physical space. However, much of our daily communication happens through computer screens. It is important to create the same positive and powerful presence regardless of the environment and distance.

You will learn and take away tools to help keep your energy high throughout presentations and meetings online and offline. You will also take away tools to keep your audience (regardless of size) engaged.

Areas Covered

  • Introduction
  • Background on presence and communication
  • 3 Tools to implement for your personal positive presence
  • 3 Tools to use for clear communication
  • 3 Tools for audience engagement

Who Should Attend

CEOs, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Lecturers, Teachers, Presenters.

Why Should You Attend

Everything is communication; in one way or another. A conversation, an exchange of looks, a handshake. We communicate our energy, intentions and message in multiple ways throughout the day.

How often have you heard someone (or yourself) say ‘it was a misunderstanding’? Unclear communication and lack of listening are often a bottleneck and create conflicts.

The solution to communication issues come from within yourself. Learning to be authentically present and being able to create positive energy will result in clear communication and smoother understanding.

Topic Background

A presentation is not merely repeating something you know to a group of people who need to learn from you. As a lecturer or a CEO, your presence as well as the communication and presentation skills play a central role in whether your audience of 1 or 1000 will actually listen to any word you say.

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