Pharmacokinetics Of Oral Absorption
Date : 18 December 2018
Time : 02 : 00 PM EST
Duration : 90 Minutes

Leon Shargel, Ph.D., R.Ph., is Manager and Founder of Applied Biopharmaceutics LLC, a pharmaceutical consulting company and holds academic appointments as Affiliate Professor, School of Pharmacy, Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to forming his own company, Dr. Shargel was Vice President, Biopharmaceutics, Sandoz (formerly, Eon Labs). He has over 35 years’ experience in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Shargel has lectured widely on pharmacokinetics, bioavailability and generic drug product development. He has over 200 publications including a leading textbook, “Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics.” Dr. Shargel received a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the George Washington University Medical Center. He is a member of various professional societies including the American Association Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET).

Participants will be introduced to biopharmaceutic and pharmacokinetic principles that can be applied to systemic drug absorption. Biopharmaceutic processes relate the physical/chemical properties of the drug substance and the dosage form to systemic drug absorption. The pharmacokinetics of drug absorption considers the rate and amount of drug that gets systemically absorbed regardless of the physiologic processes. The ability to quantitate drug absorption kinetics allows for the development of new dosage forms, development of dosage regimens, individualization of drug therapy, and to relate the drug dose to the therapeutic effect. The webinar will provide practical examples to show how pharmacokinetics of oral absorption can be applied to drug product development.

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss the pharmacokinetic principles of drug absorption
  • To apply these principles to drug product development

Who Should Attend

This webinar will be of interest to scientists and managers in the pharmaceutical industry, regulators and other pharmaceutical scientists who want to learn more about pharmacokinetics  of systemic drug absorption and its applications to the development of oral dosage forms

Pharma (brand) and generic drug companies, faculty and students in the department of pharmaceutical sciences, at various colleges of pharmacy.

Area Covered

  • Drug absorption process
  • First order and zero order kinetics
  • Drug release from immediate release and modified release dosage forms
  • Calculation of the fraction of dug absorbed
  • Bioavailability and bioequivalence
  • Influence of pharmacokinetic parameters such as k and k on bioavailability and therapeutic response
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