On The Alert: Software License Audit Readiness
  • CODE : RODA-0006
  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Dr. Robert E. Davis obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Business Law, a Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, and a Doctor of Business Administration in Information Systems Management from Temple, West Chester, and Walden University; respectively. Moreover, during his twenty years of involvement in education, Dr. Davis acquired Postgraduate and Professional Technical licenses in Computer Science and Computer Systems Technology. Dr. Davis also obtained the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certificate — after passing the 1988 Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s rigorous three hundred and fifty multiple-choice questions examination; and was conferred the Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA) certificate by the Institute for Internal Controls.

Since starting his career as an information system (IS) auditor, Robert has provided data security consulting and IS auditing services to corporations as well as other organizations; in staff through management positions. Before engaging in the practice of IS auditing and information security consulting; Robert (as a corporate employee) provided inventory as well as general accounting services to Philip Morris, USA, and general accounting services to Philadelphia National Bank (Wells Fargo). Furthermore, he has prior experience as a freelance writer of IT audit and information security training material.

Despite growing available information and training materials about the critical value of Software Asset Management, many organizations still find themselves unprepared when it comes to software compliance audit situations. In this webinar, you will understand the different approaches to achieve contract compliance in the area of Software License Management. A software license audit can cause severe disruption and takes time and resources away from business as usual. It is unrealistic to believe you can avoid an examination altogether. However, preparation and planning can mean you will come out of your audit relatively pain-free. How far progressed is your organization towards software compliance audit readiness?

Areas Covered

  • Types of licenses
  • Motivations for license compliance
  • Software piracy
  • Responding to a software audit letter
  • Current license metrics from software vendors
  • How to respond to the audit report
  • Typical vendor software licensing approaches - from "self-assessment" to "operational examinations."

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Third parties and employees that have oversight or responsibility for firm licensing agreements
  • IT managers
  • Legal and procurement staff
  • IT, License and Software Asset Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Information Security Directors
  • Data governance and management professionals
  • Staff attorneys
  • Privacy and compliance professionals
  • Human resources professionals
  • Risk management professionals tasked with compliance and risk transfer
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Internal audit managers and staff
  • IT Security Officers
  • IT, Data Consultants and project managers involved in data protection
  • Information security or cybersecurity consultants

Why Should Attend

Management should ensure adequate resource allocations and safeguarding. Typically, safeguarding information assets translates into ensuring resources are acquired, utilized and disposed of through proper procedures and approvals. When information security governance misalignment to enterprise governance and information technology governance occurs; financial, legal, operational and reputational risks can escalate beyond demarcated tolerance levels. Management should sustain accountability. Regarding risk posturing, administrators must accept as well as own the software licensing decisions made with all the possible imposable penalties.

If you are anticipating a software license audit – and, let us face it, you should be – you are most likely concerned with non-compliance: the fear of uncovering that the number of licenses purchased differs significantly from the number of people accessing software. Being under-licensed can introduce substantial costs as well as even heftier fines while being over-licensed suggests precious resources misallocations.

One thing you do not want to happen to your firm is for a software license audit to occur when you are unprepared. A software audit can be time-consuming, disruptive and if you are noncompliant, very expensive. In this Software Licensing Webinar, information systems management expert Dr. Robert E. Davis, CISA, CICA will guide you through appropriate action steps to obtain compliance and readiness for an audit.

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