NMX-F-605-NORMEX-2016 foods –hygienic handling in the service of prepared food to obtain the “H” distinctive

  • Food reception
  • Storage
  • Management of chemical substances
  • Refrigeration and freezing
  • Kitchen area
  • Food preparation
  • Service area
  • Water and Ice
  • Health services for employees
  • Garbage Management
  • Pest control
  • Personal
  • Pub
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Pubs
  • Industrial Dining Rooms
  • Self-service stores
  • Hospitals or Clinics
  • Sport clubs
  • Spas
  • Entertainment centres

Leader of the labeling program for one of the biggest retail company in the world, she has more than 9 years of experience in the regulatory, sanitary and labeling area in companies like Hershey's, Herbalife and Reliv, among others. She is a passionate of the academic field and has participated as a speaker in numerous workshops on food labeling, food safety, food import, nutrition and marketing, in forums such as the University of Guadalajara, Youth Congress in Action, Nutrire Biennial of Nutrition, or the Food Safety International Network as well as developing and structuring publications on food and food selection with American publishers. She has a Master's Degree in Marketing Management, a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and a Diploma in Haute Cuisine.

She currently directs Dr H consultancy: a consultancy company in labeling, health regulation and marketing that she founded four years ago and provide service in regards to regulatory compliance for different standards such as: NOM-051, NOM-050, NOM-189, NOM-004, NOM-020, NOM-015, NOM-024, NOM-133, NOM-141-NOM-033,etc.

Distinctive H is the recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism, with endorsement by the Ministry of Health, to fixed establishments of food and beverages for complying with the Hygiene and Quality standards established by the Mexican Standard NMX-F-605-NORMEX.

The causal dangers of the foodborne diseases, can come from the different stages that exist along the food chain (from primary production to table). Regardless of the source of the contamination, once this food reaches the consumer an impact on public health can occur and severe economic damage to establishments dedicated to their preparation and sale. Both events can cause the loss of confidence and the closing of the business.

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