Mental Health, Leadership, And Managing Through Times Of Challenge and Crisis
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  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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Beverly Beuermann-King specializes in working with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life's challenges and live healthy, successful lives using her S-O-S Principle™.


For over 20 years, Beverly has used her S-O-S Principle™ with people and organizations who want to control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges, and live healthy, successful lives. Beverly appreciates that there is not ‘one way’ to deal with our business challenges or build resiliency. Beverly believes that it is about building a plan that works, and one that is unique to the person and team who builds it.

Beverly launched her company, R ‘n B Consulting, in 1995, and since then she has helped teams from a wide range of industries to shift from stressed out to resilient, enabling them to be happier, engaged, and successful.

Beverly’s psychology, sociology, management, and adult education background combine to create her Work Smart Live Smart presentations, which are soundly based in research, and are enlightening and inspirational. Audiences discover the right strategies to improve their health, manage their challenges, and enhance their life’s satisfaction using three simple questions.

Beverly is a sought-after media spokesperson and has made over 500 television and radio appearances on shows such as City TV and CBC, and in national publications from the Toronto Star newspaper to Chatelaine magazine. Beverly is a highly respected speaker. Diverse organizations from Enbridge Gas and the Ontario Veterinarian Association, to York Regional Police, and the Elementary Teachers Federation, have partnered with Beverly when they want to protect their mental health.

Beverly is one of less than seventy Canadians to have earned their Certified Speaking Professional designation and has been accredited as a Certified Virtual Presenter  through eSpeakers and through Power Women WorldWide. Beverly’s ability to connect the theoretical to real life through her stories and humour, help her audiences to move past the challenges and into a world of possibilities.

Successful leaders know that mentally healthy employees are a competitive edge however, it has been a year filled with chaos, fear, and challenge, which has been negatively impacting their ability to cope and their mental health. How do you ensure that your team is feeling mentally and physically safe, supported, and able to be fully productive and engaged?

A leader’s role is to lead. However, research show us that many leaders have not been fully trained in understanding the impact of mental health on their team, especially not through times of crisis and unprecedented uncertainty. Leaders who understand that they are in a unique position to assist their team in recognizing and dealing with the various causes and symptoms of stress faced in the workplace, will have teams that can weather this uncertainty and stay mentally healthy.

Areas Covered

  • There is a mental health continuum that we all move along, and it is dynamic as we experience stress, challenge, and crisis.
  • Leaders who understand and address mental health challenges, will have teams that thrive through this uncertainty and those organizations that ignore those needs will struggle to be productive, service their customers, and be competitive.
  • Resilient people are able to sustain successful performance and positive well-being in the face of adverse conditions
  • Resiliency is created and sustained through adaptability, a sense of purpose and vision, insight and problem-solving, and garnering support.
  • In the workplace, leaders can not only model resilient behaviour and attitudes, which is critical, but they can also employ strategies to meet the mental health needs of their employees to encourage engagement, productivity, and resilience.

Learning Objectives

  • Avoid the pitfalls to managing a team during and after crisis using the 7 keys.
  • Recognize the mental health indicators and symptoms that are signaling that your team is not coping with the uncertainty and business disruption.
  • Discover the 3 C’s that are vital to effective leadership.
  • Detect, assess, and minimize the causes and symptoms of stress that those in your team may be facing.
  • Understand the different types of resiliency strategies that can protect your team’s mental health, and enable them to relax more and feel better.
  • Utilize various resiliency strategies based on the S-O-S Principle to increase and restore energy, improve productivity, and support your team in achieving their objectives.

Course Level - Intermediate

Why Should You Attend

The Coronavirus pandemic has sent many teams and businesses for a loop. You are probably seeing your employees experiencing a higher degree of uncertainty, worry and stress about their health and safety and that of their loved ones, and how the next couple of months will play out in their work and personal lives.

As leaders, we need to look for creative ways to do business and we need to protect the physical and psychological health of ourselves and our employees during this crisis. Your job now, as a leader, is to ensure that your team is feeling safe, supported, and engaged.

Successful leaders know that small shifts can have a major impact on mental health. Discover the seven key areas, that will help you to choose the most effective strategies to help you and your team move forward during this crisis, minimize their negative stress symptoms and reactions, and stay mentally healthy. Discover how to effectively respond to challenges, cope through change, and give and garner more support, so that you and your team can build resiliency, accelerate performance, and thrive through this continuing uncertainty.

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