Luxury Selling: Blending the Old and New
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Intermediate
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André Taylor advises top brands around the world, on being the best, and has done so, for more than two decades. As a founder of Taylor Insight Worldwide, André shares thought-provoking, high-impact ideas on a business distinction, preferred client development, and growth, and has garnered a stellar reputation among premier, luxury, and bespoke brands. His Luxury Lifestyle Advisor certification program attracts entrepreneurs, executives, and sales and marketing professionals in the luxury sector, around the globe.

André has authored a half-dozen books, a long list of audiobooks, videos, e-learning programs, articles, and blog posts. He’s a media personality, often appearing as a guest expert on television, radio, and podcasts. André began his management career on Wall Street, in financial services, and moved into media and information technology before founding his own companies. A pioneer in digital media, he founded the first company to stream video, and deliver custom and personalized digital content to premium clients, in high-tech sports arenas.

Luxury sometimes has a split personality. It can be old, and it can be new. It can be ornate, and it can be sparse. It can be a product, service, and experience. In other words, different people, have different perspectives on what luxury is. This makes it complicated to position, market, and sell. It is why, those who sell luxury must be among the best at communicating with clients, demonstrating, and servicing than any other. The luxury category demands this, and it also demands to have an appreciation for both the old and new, and creatively blending this awareness in the sales process. What might appeal to a younger buyer can be a turn off to an older buyer and vice versa. The question is how one does, raise the bar to drive sales and market penetration? There is a very receptive and well-resourced consumer base appreciative of the wide variety of luxury goods, services, and experiences, but how do you sell to them? During this session, you’ll learn how to effectively achieve greater sales results by expanding your scope in the sales process.

How to skillfully blend the old and the new to drive sales and market penetration amongst a very receptive and well-resourced consumer base appreciative of the wide variety of luxury goods, services, and experiences available.

Areas Covered

  • Who buys luxury products and services?
  • What concerns do buyers of different age groups have?
  • What words and approaches should be in your communications strategy?

Course Level - Intermediate

Who Should Attend    

  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • Entrepreneurs

Why Should You Attend

The luxury market is a sector where the skillful blending of the old and new is required. You are selling to young and older demographics, each with different values and buying criteria. Without being able to call attention to the history and legacy of luxury, both in your product and the way you fulfill your brand, you’ll have little impact when selling. However, buyers today want a fresh perspective on why they should select a product or service and do not want to feel it’s merely a matter of long-standing brand name or nostalgia.  The question is how do you captivate clients no matter what their age, background, or buying criteria maybe?

You’ll find the answer during this special session for luxury brands and services. Conducted by André Taylor, author, and advisor to top brands around the world, this webinar explores how you can add greater substance to your sales conversation and process while keeping it fresh and new at the same time.

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