Introduction to Signature Service
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  • Duration : 60 Minutes
  • Level : Beginner
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Dr. Julio Birman was educated in Argentina and the United States. He has been a post-secondary educator since 1990 and a Higher Educational Administrator since 2012. His professional experience includes language and cross-cultural business training, as well as Marketing, Creative Services, and Educational Management. Dr. Birman holds degrees in English, Digital Media, Communications, Adult Education, and Educational Leadership. Over the years, he has made significant contributions to various international educational institutions, non-profit organizations, small to medium size businesses, and Fortune500 corporations.

This session will provide an in-depth tour of customer services practices around the world and concentrate on customer retention and process effectiveness. Today’s changing technology landscape and the advent of multicultural and intergenerational customer service practices makes more important than ever to address how to reach mass audiences and cater to their specific needs. The session is structured to introduce you to the basic concepts, expand the existing knowledge based on current standardized practices and research, and provide you with tools and instruments to make changes to your processes and procedures.

Within the session, you will learn about the uses of social media technologies to increase your response to customer questions and concerns. The session will provide samples of best practices and ideas for future technology upgrades to streamline your bottom line. Customer service is also presented within the global concept and strategies to cater to specific groups will be provided.

Among the numerous challenges to customer service practices, there is also the issue of supervision. This session will also address supervisor effectiveness, leadership tasks, and employee training. You will explore tips on how to train your employees down the line to become future section supervisors and trainers.

Whether your business focuses on products or services, you will explore the different approaches and receive specific pointers on how to address the needs of customers with product questions and concerns and the differences with those with service questions and concerns. Once again, this section will re-introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of operating at a time when customers review and share your product/service and your customer service skills live for the entire world to see.

In an era where everything is public, dealing with customer complaints and or difficult customers can make or break a business. This session will discuss how to use the power of social media to address your customer needs and turn a bad review into a marketing promotion opportunity.

Have you ever had a customer service nightmare? A customer who threatens legal action, or an employee who dealt with a situation poorly? This session will empower you to avoid those pitfalls and stay ahead of possible negative experiences that not only cost you customers but also have the potential of permanently tarnishing the good name of your business.

Learning Objectives

  • Brief introduction/customer service at-a-glance
  • Common customer service challenges (advent of technology)
  • Customer-facing supervisors (leading by example)
  • Product-driven vs service is driven CS environments
  • Dealing with difficult customers and complaints
  • Avoiding CS nightmares (legal scenarios)

Course Level - Basic/Fundamental

Who Should Attend

Customer-facing supervisory staff and reps

Why Should Attend

Is your business failing to retain customers because of poor or outdated customer service methods and practices? If so, this session will help you and your business streamline your current processes and provide you with some ideas on how to update systems to match today’s technology demands by expanding your customer outreach to include social media, chat, and text platforms.

Topic Background

Customer service seems to be a disappearing art in the age of robots and social media concierges. While technological advances mean certainly new ways of doing business, there is no reason why we could not merge the best of both worlds by refining and improving our current customer service people and practices.

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